Design Date with Jinny Blom

Jinny Blom is an award-winning landscape architect. Her design philosophy centres on creating beautiful, nurturing gardens and landscapes that are an extension of her clients’ personalities. She masterminded the new aerial installation featuring shoals of fish and sea dragons, now in the domes of Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.

What is your earliest ‘design’ moment, the one that perhaps set you on your path?
It must have been when I was small in France and I realised I wanted to replant a dry river gorge with swishing grasses to replace the missing water.

What projects are you currently working on? To name a few, I’ve a handsome chateau in France, a wonderful townhouse in New York, a beautiful listed house in Oxfordshire, and an extremely exciting urban retail environment in a top secret location – prepare to be amazed!

Do you have a design mantra? “Do it once; do it properly”

Are you able to tell us a bit about the inspiration for the new aerial installation? I was keen to maintain the notion that the harbour is close to water. The leafy sea dragons are incredibly complex and beautiful – they reminded me of the fabulous textiles at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Amazingly, they really do look like that – I’ve not changed them at all.

Describe your perfect day… Canoeing down the river by my house in France with friends.

Look up and see the installation in Design Centre Chelsea Harbour’s North and South domes.


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