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A selection of fabrics from ‘Vintage’ by Arctic. Styled by Wendy Harrop

It’s easy to get distracted by some of the more attention-grabbing designs during showtime, but when the fun and frenzy is over, we crave balance and calm. Featuring woven linens, florals and stripes in a pretty yet fresh array of pastels, the new ‘Vintage’ collection by Arctic is just the tonic for an overwrought mind and body.

Arctic at Chase, Ground Floor, Centre Dome, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. 

It’s the final day of Focus/11 and if nothing else that deserves a toast. So why not head up to the third floor where you’ll find The World of Interiors’ stylish Champagne bar. A pop-up bar area dressed in the chicest grey stripes this side of the catwalk, it’s the perfect place to steal a little bit of downtime, reflect on what you’ve seen and enjoy the view from above.  Find the fabric by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd.

Wednesday 28 September                                                                                                              

10.00am – 3.00pm –                                                                                                                                  ALL DAY MASTERCLASS HOSTED BY LIVINGETC AND KLC SCHOOL OF DESIGN
Take part in a full day packed with insider advice, original ideas as well as clever tips on how to create a unique home. Lectures include:

10.00am – 11.00am –
Join Diana McKnight, KLC Director of Studies, as she uncovers the importance of balance, rhythm, harmony, emphasis and proportion. Learn how to pair an understanding of basic design principles with brave experimentation to create an individual look that works.

11.00am – 12.30pm –
Lucy Martin, Design Director of John Cullen Lighting, shares her expert knowledge on how today’s lighting can transform your home and garden. Navigating new regulations and revolutionary changes in technology, she explores clever lighting solutions that not only comply but also bring a new dimension to any space.

2.00pm – 3.00pm –

Designer and influential tastemaker Abigail Ahern has redefined the visual landscape with a clever take on interiors. She has a curious, confident eye and an ability to bring seemingly disparate objects together. Find out why her designs are synonymous with eclecticism, wit and style.

1.00pm –                                                                                                                                             BOOK SIGNING IN CENTRE DOME                                                                                                  Lighting Bible by lighting expert Lucy Martin.

3.30pm –                                                                                                                                             BOOK SIGNING IN TATLER RESTAURANT
Love London by journalist, photographer and design aficionado Barbara Chandler.

All Day Masterclass:
Booking Hotline 020 7352 1900 Design Lecture: £20                                        Location: SPACE, Third Floor, South Dome