Photo Finish – photogram and digital prints give fabrics a new edge

A selection of fabrics by Lori Weitzner for Sahco

Why I love… Photo Finish

“We loved taking real flowers and by using the Cyanotype photo technique, were able to transform them into modern, sophisticated and artistic textiles– very relevant for the times we live in now. Bringing nature inside with a contemporary twist”

Lori Weitzner, designer,

‘Blossom Cloud’ (FLCBLOSSOM01) at Fox Linton

Dansons Sous Les Etoiles’ fabric (LI 738 46) by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Are You Passionate’ fabric (VP 751) by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Katsu’ fabric in steel (L8904-02) by Larsen at Colefax & Fowler

‘Desert Snow III’ rug at Tai Ping Carpets

‘Anemone’ fabric (2521-05) by Lori Weitzner at Sahco


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