Design Date with Suzy Hoodless

Suzy Hoodless is an interior and product designer working across commercial and residential projects. She set up her eponymous design consultancy in 2000 following several years on the interiors team at Wallpaper magazine, which she helped launch.

She is a panellist at the professional practice seminar ʻTrade Secrets: The lightbulb Momentʼ on Sunday 11 March at 11.30am.

What made you choose a career in interior design?
My first job was working in the creative department at Designers Guild, I was completely struck by Tricia’s energy and inspiration; I had an insider’s view of the design world and was addicted at once.

What projects are you working on?
We’re working on a stone farmhouse in Oxfordshire where a stainless steel kitchen sits next to a 3.5m bespoke dining table with Prouvé base, Scandinavian furniture and Vanderhurd rugs.  There’s a 5000 sq ft house in Kensington with the architects MBA, which is at once glamorous and industrial with furniture sourced from across the globe.

How great a role does instinct play when designing?
It’s all about instinct – a gut feeling. I am attracted to good design, the period and style are not the leading factor.  Furniture has to be well designed with good proportions, appropriate materials, be ergonomic and right for the space.

What is the key to creating a modern, yet timeless interior?
The key to ‘timeless’ is to mix; contemporary and antique pieces create an interior that is impossible to pinpoint in terms of date.

Describe your perfect day…
My perfect day is breakfast with my family, a catch up with my studio, a meeting with a client to present new designs, a fly round some dealers and back home for tea with my daughter Misty before going out to dinner with my husband locally.  If I can squeeze in an exhibition then that just about makes it!

Professional Practice Seminar Ticket Information:
Booking Hotline 020 7352 1900 Professional Practice Seminar: £15


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