What’s happening on Day 1


11.30am – 12.30pmProfessional Practice Seminar ‘Trade Secrets: ‘The Lightbulb Moment
Monika Apponyi, Martin Hulbert and Suzy Hoodless,in discussion with Sarah Stewart-Smith, debate what are the real secrets of running a successful design business.

1pmBook Signing Monika Apponyi and Geraldine Apponyi sign Living in Style London.

3pm – 4pm – Design Lecture ‘Venice And The Story Of Silk’
Style writer Charlotte Abrahams talks to Nicolò Rubelli and curator Isabella Campagnol about how these precious textiles still hold sway. Followed by Prosecco in the Rubelli showroom.

4.30pm Book Signing Nicolò Rubelli signs Rubelli: A Story Of Silk In Venice.

All day –

Meet The Designer at Sanderson

Meet Melissa White, the designer behind Sanderson’s new Arden collection

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