Heirloom – 18th Century style adds a decadent flavour to modern living

Why I love… Heirloom

“I’ve always loved 18th Century style, particularly French and Swedish…. There’s a lightness and elegance about it, but also something rather naughty and decadent. Think ‘Dangerous Liaisions’! Creating a modern take on this has probably never been easier with so many companies producing  furniture and accessories inspired by this period, but avoid attempting a slavish copy. Keep it playful, fun and, above all, sexy.”

David Carter, interior designer and owner of boutique hotel, 40 Winks, www.alacarter.com

La Tubereuse Cassée’ fabric (98 033) by Métaphores at Abbott & Boyd

‘Faro’ pendant at Wired Custom Lighting

‘Residence’ wall covering (50017 999) at Zimmer + Rohde

Why I love… Heirloom

“Oh to be an aristocrat living in 18th Century France! The age of fantasy and elegance, the romanticising of practicality. I have always felt that one piece of fine French furniture can dramatise a whole room of contemporary pieces.”

Jeremiah Goodman, illustrator specialising in interior portraits, www.jeremiah-goodman.com

‘Scroll Mirror’ wall light in bronze (WL58/BZ) at Vaughan

‘Piccadilly’ wallpaper (94-8045) at Cole & Son

‘Biedermeier’ stool (92014) by Richard Mishaan at Bolier

‘Summer of Love’ fabric (SC016-02) by Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates


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