Design Date with Andreas von Einsiedel

Andreas von Einsiedel is a respected interiors photographer. He has photographed some of the most inspiring homes and locations in the world for titles including Architectural Digest, Elle Decoration and Homes & Gardens.

He will be signing copies of his new book More Dream Homes:100 Inspirational Interiors with author Johanna Thornycroft on Monday 12 March at 2pm.

As a photographer, what drew you to interiors?
Purely practical reasons! When I started out the initial plan was to become an advertising photographer, but it was 1981, there was a recession and I couldn’t break in. Fortunately, it coincided with the launch of The World of Interiors and a collective surge of interest into the way people live. I had a few contacts with interesting houses and I’d always loved spaces and light, so I began shooting them speculatively and selling them to magazines.

What makes a space inspiring?
So many things! Light, good design… it’s hard to pinpoint, but when you see a nice space, whether it’s a cottage or an 18th century chateau, if it’s right you see it and you just know. The character and style of the person who inhabits that space is also hugely influential, but even if it’s very individualistic its overall appeal is often underpinned by an aesthetic ethos.

How do you draw inspiration for a project?
As a photographer you’re more an interpreter than a creative instigator; knowing how to photograph a space becomes instinctive.

What do you love most about your job?

The insecurity?! I’m joking, I really mean the variety. In one sense you always do the same thing, but in different circumstances. You also meet some very interesting people and sometimes they become firm friends.

Describe your perfect day…
I do like working, when it’s going well, so I’d say being the first the photograph a truly incredible place in a nice part of the world and placing it with the world’s top five interiors magazines. With a really good lunch thrown in too.


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