Global Chic – be inspired by far-flung places with a mix of ikats, textures and patterns

A selection of fabrics from ‘Les Alizes’ a new collection by Brunschwig & Fils

Why I love… Global Chic

“I love ikats and also African and South American inspired textiles which can help create very unique, individual interiors. Many of my most memorable trips have been to Africa where I love the amazing clarity of colour you find there – the beautiful earth tones, the textures and tribal prints mixed with animal skins is quite intoxicating. It’s a very global look, but one that can work well in traditional and contemporary interiors.”

Ann Grafton, managing and creative director of GP&J Baker, Ground Floor, Design Centre East,

‘Rien N’est Trop Beau Pour Vous’ fabric (LY 757) by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Ancestral Robe’ fabric (SC011-01) by Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates 

‘Bansuri’ fabric (PP50319 / 2) by Baker Lifestyle at GP&J Baker

‘Baton’ armchair (#M-417) by Bill Sofield at Baker London

Ob-La-Di’ fabric in argento at Dedar

‘Amos’ fabric (14293.303) at Christian Fischbacher

Azzurro/Volcano’ fabric (VP 744 03) by Elitis at Abbott & Boyd

‘Buxana’ fabric by Jim Thompson at Fox Linton


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