Design Date with Dexter Moren

Dexter is the founding director of Dexter Moren Associates and recognised as an industry leader in the hotel & leisure sector. With over 20 years experience, he is driven by the principles of design excellence and sustainability whilst maintaining the joy of a creative working experience for his team, consultants and clients.

He is a guest panellist at the professional practice seminar ‘Capital Ideas – London’s Newest Hotels Lead The Way By Design’ hosted by Sleeper on Monday 24 September at 11.30am.


How do you draw inspiration for a project?
Buildings should be people-shaped. Every project, large or small, results in a place where people interact. We believe the success of a building can be measured in the strength of the attachment it inspires in those who use it. Creating this bond between people and place is at the heart of what we do.

What projects are you currently working on?             
We’ve just opened The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington and are nearing completion on the Westminster Intercontinental, Great Northern Hotel King’s Cross.  We’re also acting as executive architects for the Shangri La Hotel at The Shard. Others include Hiltons in Southwark and Leeds, a new luxury hotel in the City of London and the redevelopment of Minories Estate in Aldgate. We’re delighted to have been commissioned to undertake our first stadium / sports project for Spartac FC in Russia.

What makes London hotels unique?
Choice. From branded to boutique, budget to luxury, contemporary to classical. There’s something to suit everyone.

Is there a general direction in hospitality design at the moment?
We’re seeing a number of clients rethink public areas to make them more flexible, with a focus on quality food & beverage. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and is allowing guests more control over their experience. London property values and constraints of existing buildings are resulting in designers creatively optimising space whilst not diminishing function or quality.

How do you deliver difference in design in today’s market?
Every project is different and represents unique challenges. We’ve been careful not to develop a rigid house style, instead we work hard to get under the skin of every project and sum it up as a singly unifying idea.

‘Conversations in Design’ ticket information: £15

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