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FrancisFrancis Sultana is a interior decorator and furniture designer, overseeing projects in London, Tel Aviv, Monte Carlo and St Moritz. Known for his bold, global style, he has also designed two furniture and accessory collections under his own name. As influential in the art world as the design world, Francis chairs the Patrons Committee, established for the benefit of the V&A Museum, and is artistic director of David Gill Galleries.

He will be in conversation with style guru Lucia van der Post on Monday 18 March, 3 – 4pm, exploring how art has a major influence on interior design.

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Where do you find inspiration for your work?
It’s a mix of 20th century interiors, contemporary art and film. The core of any project is the client, though – how they live, what their personalities are. Their home should make them happy, so it has to be about them. My dream client would be Auntie Mame, the flamboyant character played by Rosalind Russell in the late-50s film – she’d be constantly decorating and inspired!

What has been the biggest challenge in your work?
My big challenges seem to be geographical or logistical, not creative. Which is easier in a way, because practicalities can always be solved. That said, I worked on a project on the Greek island of Hydra where the only access was by donkey – that was not so easy!

Where does art end and design begin?
They always merge – my work is about creating a harmony and synergy between them. Colour and shape have a huge impact on the mood of a room. And while artworks are a powerful force, good design moves people, too. In both cases, it’s about an emotional response. The feeling that a piece has a human touch on it – be it a beautiful chair or a painting – is a very energising one. And choosing both comes down to instinct.

Why are people drawn to having art in their homes?
It’s something that can turn the everyday into an event. Moving around inspiring artwork on a daily basis is good for the soul. It should reflect your personality and make you happy. I love artist Christopher Wool. His bold abstract works are so inspiring in monochrome or colour; they’re both peaceful and sparkling with energy.

What one invention would transform your life?
I could really benefit from being able to double the hours in a day. I wish someone would find the time to invent that.

Describe your work in three words.
Passionate, elegant and historical.

When in London…
Visit the V&A Museum. It’s the world’s history told through incredible objects and you can’t fail to come out inspired.

Happiness is…
Being at home in an environment that makes you feel secure and has all the things meaningful to your existence close by.

‘Conversations in Design’ ticket information: £15

Booking hotline: 020 7352 1900


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