Design Date with Charlotte Moss

CharlotteMossSince opening her business in 1985, icon of Southern warmth Charlotte Moss has designed private residences and executive suites all over the United States and the Caribbean. In addition, she has brought her unique blend of American, European and Classical influences to interiors collections with carpeting, sisals, mural wallpapers for Stark Carpet and fabrics and wall coverings for Brunschwig & Fils. She has written eight books to date including A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations, (2012). Last May, she was honoured with the Circle of Excellence Award from the International Furnishings & Design Association for the field of interior design.

Charlotte Moss talks to House & Garden editor Susan Crewe about her take on welcoming, practical and luxurious interiors on Tuesday 19 March at 3pm.

Where do you find inspiration?
My eyes are always on the prowl, anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes I just trip over it. As Paul Smith said, ‘if you can’t find inspiration…look again.’

What is your favourite place, city, museum or film for inspiration?
My favourite place or city is always the next one where I know I will have some time to be a flaneur. Hours spent walking, observing and just enjoying your surroundings is vital to creativity.

And where have you found ideas where you’ve least expected them?
Indeed, just there, where I least expected them, and sometimes they find you! It mostly happens when you are relaxed, when you take a break. I find the answers are generally there, you just need to give them a chance to bubble to the surface.

How would you define your style?
Hospitable, informed and elegant, yet relaxed. That just told you nothing! Except to say it’s the feeling I want people to have in spaces I have decorated. After all, the ‘things’ can only do but so much – it’s the alchemy, the composition and the story that ultimately seduces.

What makes a room welcoming?
Good lighting, seating that calls out to you and personality expressed through objects. I love flowers, fragrance and the clinking of ice in a cocktail!

What’s the key to adding individuality to a room?
Self-confidence, which is the key to style. Full stop.

What are your latest projects?
I’m working on a duplex apartment in New York, building a new house in Aspen and decorating for clients in Denver. I’m beginning work on my second fabric collection for Fabricut and have just published my 8th book. I’m also lecturing in the United States and Russia.

What one invention would transform your life?
A jet mobile flying car, much like the Jetsons had in the year 2065. What a great way to get around.

When in London…
I breathe history, visit museums, shop for antiques, take time to walk and just soak it up.

Happiness is…
‘The ineffable luxury of being the master of my own time,’ Thomas Jefferson. That works for me!

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