Stitch In Time

Modern abstracts or intricate florals, embroidery is adding a new dimension. Texture is a smart, elegant way of creating interest – so build it up.

Why I love…Stitch in Time

ffffffff‘Embroidery and stitching on fabric is about adding personality to a surface. It brings fabric to life in a way that print cannot. It gives it story and depth

Elisabeth Roulleau, haute couture embroiderer

StitchInTimeClockwise from top left:

‘Garden Accent’ fabric (32316/616) at Kravet
‘Lucala Embroidery’ fabric (W75700) by Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets
‘Sunburst’ fabric (1230/02) at Marvic Textiles
‘Les Iles Galantes’ fabric (B7578001) by Braquenie at Pierre Frey

StitchInTime2‘Leila’ (04789/02) by Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler

StitchInTime3Clockwise from top left:

‘Cirque’ fabric (Z298/01) by Zinc Textile at Romo
‘Charlotte’ fabric (10433/40) at Nobilis
‘Heaven’s Break’ fabric (Z287/01) at Romo
‘Stria’ fabric (RH00012096) by Old World Weavers at Stark Fabric



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