Go Zest

A hit of yellow is an instant uplift for a room. Citrine, too, is a sophisticated shade to mix with other colours and, while the classic combination is with grey, it’s bold enough to take more adventurous pairings.  

Go Zest1-4‘Selina’ lamp at Nicholas Haslam

‘Rivera Embroidery’ in yellow on off white (W713026) by Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets

‘Euphorica’-(137C03.301), ‘Premio’ (14171.109), ‘Nobilitas’ (14335.504) and ‘Vogue’ (13833.303-72) at Christian Fischbacher

‘Satimento’ cushion at Sahco

 Go Zest2-4‘Soon’ fabric in cricket (K1787/1) by Knoll Textiles at StudioTex

‘Marylebone’ fabric in lime (K5098/08) by Kirkby Designs at Romo

‘Celeste’ (V3087/03) fabric by Villa Nova at Romo

‘Almendra’ (295602A) rug at Stark Carpet

 Go Zest3-3Cambay Stripe’ fabric in buttercup (HB-104-2) by Hill Brown at Turnell & Gigon

‘Viggo Negatif’ wallpaper in soleil (W6102 005) by Boussac at Pierre Frey

‘Zen’ (03) fabric at Lizzo

‘Velours Talisman’ fabric (10477-36) at Nobilis


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