Indian Summer

Indian-style patterns continue their reign of the fabrics world, as they have done for centuries. The warmth of the colours and intricacy of the patterns makes them timeless and forever evocative. Mix up styles, scales and colours for a truly exotic look.


‘Chutney’ fabric (CHB409-4) by Hill Brown at Turnell & Gigon

‘Moghol’ fabric (10467_50) at Nobilis

‘San’ rug at Stark Carpet

‘Cachemire’ fabric (12452-5402) by Pepe Penalver at Lizzo

indiansummer2grab‘Topo’ fabric (HB 403 – 1) by Hill Brown at Turnell & Gigon

‘Chanderi Matelasse’ (HB101-6) by Hill Brown  at Turnell & Gigon

‘Rigoletto’ (04) at Lizzo


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