Natural Selection

Fresh from the design lab. Move to the top of the class by using patterns inspired by nature and derived from under the microscope.

‘Quill’ (6079), Pollack at Altfield
ʻFrivoleʼ (3826 -01), blanc, Sonia Rykiel Maison at Lelievre
ʻSpireʼ (546-0), poivre, Lelievre
ʻSequenceʼ (3827-01), noir, Sonia Rykiel Maison at Lelievre
ʻGranitoʼ (544-09), poivre, Lelievre
‘Luiza’ wallpaper (W387/06), Black Edition at Romo

DD_NS2_EDIT‘Tempest’ pendant (CL602), Bella Figura


DD_NS3_EDIT‘Gooseneck’ lever, shagreen, Turnstyle Designs Ltd.


DD_NS4_EDIT‘Garbo’ rug, Top Floor Rugs/Wood


DD_NS5_EDIT‘Penombre’ (17216-01), blanc
‘Ombre Raye’ (17218-05), gris
‘Dots’ (17217-03), noir
‘Tache D’encre’ (17214-01), ardoise
‘Ombre Caree’ (17219-06), arctic, all Dominique Kieffer at Rubelli/Donghia


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