It’s jungle fever. Turn up the heat with these high-octane totally tropical palm patterns and prints.

DD_TROP1_EDITʻD Dotsʼ (T14024/003), citrine, Dedar
ʻFunky Stripesʼ (T14028/003), anice, Dedar
ʻPicture Galleryʼ (213397), Sanderson

DD_TROP2_EDITʻAlohaʼ (F2955001) multicolore, Pierre Frey

DD_TROP3_EDITʻMauritiusʼ (FP320002), nuit, Pierre Frey
‘Castellina’ (V43719), granite, Stark Fabric
ʻMaderaʼ (04831/01), taupe, Manuel Canovas at Colefax & fowler
‘Donna Fugata’ (30090), Rubelli at Rubelli/Donghia

DD_TROP4_EDIT‘Margarita’ drum ceiling light, Nicholas Haslam


DD_TROP5_EDIT‘Limerston’ sofa, David Seyfried Ltd


DD_TROP6_EDITSofa, club chair and coffee table, Linley Collection for Summit Furniture


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