Floral Frenzy

There’s a riot going on in the cutting garden with pure pigment, clashing colours, bold patterns and super-sized posies. Vibrant silks, super stripes and intensely bright 3D embroideries are the pick of the crop.

DD_FF1_EDITʻWoodlandʼ (OW14), marigold, Edelman Leather
ʻHopʼ (T14030/00), olive, Dedar
ʻSeven Shadesʼ (T14041/007), oro, Dedar
ʻCircus Stripeʼ (6078/0) big top, Pollack at Altfield


DD_FF2_EDITʻHopʼ (T14030/001) olive, Dedar
ʻTabulariga Piccolaʼ (T14033/107) oro, Dedar
ʻTitanʼ (02) palm, Weymss
ʻAlbionʼ (04) morning sun, Weymss
ʻLady Hamiltonʼ (30079), Rubelli at Rubelli/Donghia
‘Cambridge Strie Braid’ (977-3416), citron, Samuel & Sons Passementerie


DD_FF3_EDITʻBelfioreʼ wall covering (W130-01), Sahco


DD_FF4_EDIT‘Interlocked Angle’ rug, Edelman Leather


DD_FF5_EDIT‘Flower’ chandelier (CL420), Bella Figura


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