Monthly Archives: March 2014

Soft metal is the new luxe. Be beguiled by gentle geometric lines and the delicate molten alchemy of linear, lustre and texture.


‘Rumi’ (T1041/01), moonstone, Weitzner at Altfield
‘Turoa’ (TRU232), copper, Whistler Leather
‘Womad’ wallpaper (21110), Lewis & Wood


‘Auguste’ chair, Jacques Garcia Collection at Baker
‘Berber’ rug, Stark Carpet


‘Balthazar’ side cabinet, bronze and bleached vellum, Davidson


‘Blixen’ chair, Fendi Casa


Knobs: No 1011 (top left), No 1004 (bottom left), No 1305B (centre), 1013 (top right), No 1003 (bottom right)
Pulls: No 8580 (top), No 8274H (bottom), all light pewter finish, all The Nanz Company


‘Gabo’ chandelier (MCL35L), Porta Romana


‘Stucco’ wallpaper (110749, Anthology at Harlequin
Sofa covered in ‘Folia Velvets’ (130149), Harlequin
Cushions: ‘Burnish’ (130655) and ‘Ridge’ (130677), Harlequin

BN_BLASTFROMTHEPAST_PHOTOFRAMEDavid Hicks has been a huge influence on both fashion and interiors. Now, his son Ashley has created a new line of fabrics and wallpapers for GP&J Baker. Chic as ever, they have been adapted from, or inspired by, original linear and geometric patterns he so loved.

GP&J Baker, Ground Floor, Design Centre East

VIVE LA FRANCE - Colefax and FowlerManuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler is instantly recognisable for its vibrant colours. Inspired by the spirit associated with 18th century France but re-interpreted to contemporary tastes, see the latest collection on the pod seating throughout the domes in the signature pink palette.

Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome