Banksy at FOCUS/15

Banksy at Focus15

The owner of the building in Bethlehem was bemused when people crowded round his wall. But art aficionados had spotted Banksy’s signature alert on his website of his latest work, ’Donkey Documents’. Banksy created it in 2007 with an aerosol can, as part of a series of works of art along the concrete barrier separating the Palestinian West Bank and Israel. It is the largest, most significant intact mural from the artist’s visit to Israel.

Banksy’s poignant ‘Donkey Documents’ is reflective of modern times and is estimated to sell for $600,000 at the upcoming Julien’s Auctions and Fine Art Auction in Beverly Hills, 30 September. It may well be bought by a private collector making this a unique and rare opportunity for the British public to see this work of art.

‘This is the perfect space to display ‘Donkey Documents’,’ explains Darren Julien founder of the eponymous Julien’s Auctions, whose idea it was to give it a UK public view. ‘Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is a design platform, so it’s a natural fit.’

As the nerve centre of many forms of creative expression, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is proud to give Banksy’s innovative works of art a temporary public home.

‘Sperm Alarm’, a witty smaller-scale work of art by Banksy, was originally sprayed onto the wall of the Hesperia Hotel, in Victoria, SW1. It will also be auctioned with ‘Donkey Documents.’


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