Clothe Your Walls


Fabric-wrapped walls are one of the hallmarks of a luxury interior, but thanks to technical innovation, it’s now possible to have a fabric wallpaper, too. Zoffany’s Akaishi collection, inspired by the design traditions of Japan, is constructed from fabrics developed with a jacquard weaving mill, mounted on to paper for ease of hanging. The pattern is either woven into the fabric (as is the case with ‘Acer’, pictured, with a chair covered in ‘Birodo’ velvet), or digitally printed on top. Subtly textured, Zoffany’s fabric wallpapers also give better acoustic performance than paper on its own.

Pierre Frey also supplies paper-backed fabric wallpaper, including ‘Darius’, a lively art deco motif on a jacquard weave, and ‘Arpège’, whose pattern is inspired by old lace, lending a delicate shimmer to walls.

Zoffany, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East


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