Naturally Exotic


Natural wallcoverings always lend a certain integrity and calm to an interiors scheme, but the design direction for this season brings an exotic twist to the theme. Brands have gone beyond the mainstream to discover some unusual alternatives. Brian Yates’ ‘Rainbows’ (pictured) combines bakbak (banana leaf) with recycled sari silks to create a colourful wallcovering where no two sections are the same; while Sabina Fay Braxton’s latest collection (available from Alton-Brooke) uses abaca, a strong, lustrous form of hemp from the centre of the banana tree. The designer says of the material: “Its versatility never ceases to inspire new avenues.” At Thibault you can discover more new ways with natural materials: its Natural Resource 2 collection (available from Jacaranda Carpets) includes printed cork and sisal, and metallic linen.

Brian Yates, Ground Floor, South Dome
Alton-Brooke, Second Floor, Design Centre East
Jacaranda Carpets, Second Floor, South Dome


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