Creativity in Bloom


The very finest rugs really are works of art for the floor – but Tai Ping Carpets has taken the concept one step further with a collaboration with floral artist Jeff Leatham. His specialist field is complex living installations of flowers that he creates for clients such as Tiffany, Swarovski and Alexander McQueen, but the rug collection, aptly titled Bloom, resists the obvious idea to use plant and flower motifs. Instead it takes as a conceptual starting point the states of matter – solid, liquid and vapour – and in particular the elemental power of water. For example, ‘Nexus 1’, pictured, featured a graphic pattern disrupted by liquid-like pool of intense red. Unlike the ephemeral installations that made Leatham’s name, Bloom has been created with generations of use in mind.

Tai Ping Carpets, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East


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