Deco Rated

Enticing vintage-luxe in marvellous monochrome.


32         ‘Hanako’ fabric (72730/9910), Houlès
33         (33003/9910) trim, Houlès
34         (32160/9020) trim, Houlès
35         ‘Walter’ fabric (F3109001) usin, Pierre Frey
36         ‘Compass’ fabric (COMP03), ebony, Evitavonni
37         Gallia’ fabric (F3105001), argent, Pierre Frey
38         ‘Cooper’ fabric (L9049-01), black, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler
39         ‘Zig Zag’ braid (ZATM332470), charcoal, Zoffany
40         ‘Robins’ fabric (L9086-01), mother of pearl, Larsen at Colefax and Fowler
41         ‘Haspra’ wallcovering (22), carbon, Wemyss
42         (32161/9910) trim, Houlès
43         ‘Fauna’ fabric (816), flaxseed, Kate Spade at Kravet
44         ‘Bassano’ fabric (4918/03), indigo, Manuel Canovas at Colefax and Fowler
45         ‘Sojourn’ fabric (6090/01), domino, Pollack at Altfield
46         ‘Elliptic Applique’ border’ (BT-57202), frost, Samuel & Sons Passementerie
47         ‘Tangled’ fabric (1554/04), graphite web, Holly Hunt at Fox Linton
48         ‘Marble Braid’ (ZATM332472), charcoal/silver, Zoffany
49         ‘Collins’ fabric (EN063-04), Larsen at Colefax and Fowler
50         ‘Amalfi’ fabric, ebene, Colefax and Fowler
51         ‘Geo’ fabric (K5155/01) noir, Romo
52         ‘Paquebot’ fabric (F3107001), Pierre Frey
115       ‘Eliser’ fabric (60914/01), Pollack at Altfield


‘Henryk’ cabinet, Birgit Israel


‘Sterling’ dressing desk, Decorus. ‘Le Coup’ occasional chair, J. Robert Scott. ‘Sikim’ rug, grey, Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Times Square’ table lamp, Bella Figura. ‘Arpege’ wallcovering (FP 411), Pierre Frey


‘Diamond’ cushion (SF310), Birgit Israel. ‘Cabinet’ handle (8508), burnished brass, The Nanz Company. ‘Cabinet’ handle (8090), burnished brass/onyx, The Nanz Company. ‘Not’ carpet (113630C), Stark Carpet


‘Bespoke Dry’ minibar, Decca (Bolier)


‘Modern Rectilinear’ wall sconce (3028), ‘Pillowed’ wall sconce (4017), ‘Modern Elliptical’ wall sconce (4006) and ‘Rectilinear Mosaic’ wall sconce (4028), all SA Baxter Architectural Hardware

Monochrome Tile close-up

‘Black Carnelian’ tile, R.I.M Tile Boutique. ‘Lava Calda’ stick tile, grey blend, Ann Sacks. ‘Ilary’ coffee table, wood/grey marble, Poltrona Frau




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