Prepare to be Dazzled

Samuel & Sons Bejeweled

As the vital finishing touch that brings a decorative scheme to life, passementerie already has an obvious parallel in the fashion world with fine jewellery. That association has grown stronger of late with many trims and borders taking direct inspiration from apparel: the latest is Samuel & Sons’ Bejeweled collection, a selection of tapes, cords and hold-backs inspired by jewellery. It’s the work of celebrated US textile designer Lori Weitzner, who often takes fashion as a starting point for her collections. Bejeweled features metallic studs, sparkling glass beads and lustrous pearls, but the ‘Charmer’ border stands out for its intricacy – a double row of fluid, intertwining lines of metal beading on silk satin.

Samuel & Sons Passementerie, Third Floor, Centre Dome

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