Couture for the Home


The crossover between fashion and interiors is not merely about shared trends in colour, pattern or material. The luxury interiors market is now taking key values from haute couture – creativity, craftsmanship and technical ability – and applying them to the home. Luxury products have gone beyond mere status symbols; these days people want them to be imbued with the makers’ passion and curiosity, their ability to see the potential of materials, and the use of complex techniques – all to achieve something extraordinary. What’s on show at the Design Centre is often a mere springboard to a remarkable bespoke scheme: success stories include Fromental’s custom-designed wallcoverings for The Goring, hand-painted on silver leaf, and referencing the hotel’s idiosyncratic history (pictured). Because the stakes are high, bespoke design can be a risky business – but the results speak for themselves.


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