Seeing Stars


Long gone are the days when the floor was a neglected dimension of a room, a neutral offset to enhance other design elements. Rugs are taking centre stage. New to Stark Carpet is Rug Star by Berlin-based designer Jürgen Dahlmanns, whose creative exuberance offers designs of daring and irreverence. This is the first time that Dahlmanns’ creations will be displayed in London, and the minute detail of pieces such as ‘Four Parrots’ (pictured) is worth exploring first-hand.

“Jürgen is a true creative individual – a bit of a maverick with an abundance of ideas,”  says Judy Afia, Managing Director, Stark Carpet (UK).“Ranging from a modern take on Old Masters to abstract expressionism and nature-inspired illustration, his artworks for the floor – or wall – reflect an insatiable creative curiosity and a design process that’s closer to that of an exuberant artist, rather than product designer-maker.”

Stark Carpet Pop-up, First Floor, South Dome


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