Splashing Out




SAHCO_UlfMoritz_Hommage lo.jpg

Take a convention-defying approach to interiors with designs that possess all the vitality of an Abstract Expressionist painting. Splats of colour, spilt ink and energetic brushstrokes are the motifs to look out for. Pictured top to bottom are: Prima Linea’s ‘Pollock 3096’ fabric from Alton-Brooke, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s freeform technique; Rug Star’s ‘Splash’ rug from Stark Carpet; Casamance’s ‘Charivari’ fabric  from Colony; and Ulf Moritz’s ‘Hommage’ fabric from Sahco. All help to paint a picture of this new trend.

Alton-Brooke, Second Floor, Design Centre East
Colony, Second Floor, Centre Dome
Sahco, Ground Floor, Centre Dome

Stark Carpet, Third Floor, South Dome


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