The Art of Interiors




Focus/16 is highlighting the many crossovers between art and interiors, including the artists who have blurred the boundaries by creating designs to be used in the home. Pierre Frey is reviving the work of French artist Jean Lurçat, a contemporary of Matisse, including ‘Arlequins’, based on a series of illustrations from 1925 (pictured top), while Hermès cements its long-term relationship with Nigel Peake with a triptych for the wall depicting the city at three stages of the day (pictured centre), available from Dedar. Art and design also come together when rugs and wallcoverings are used in a way that makes them look more like large-scale artworks – as seen here with Élitis’ raffia ‘VP605’ panoramic from Abbott & Boyd (pictured bottom).

Abbott & Boyd, First Floor, North Dome
Dedar, Ground Floor, Design Centre East
Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East




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