The Power of Passementerie


A magnificent sculpture made from more than 500 tassels graces the Centre Dome at Focus/16. Using hand-made tassels from Samuel & Sons Passementerie, Houlès, Wendy Cushing Passementerie at Jason D’Souza and Watts of Westminster, the six-metre-high work brings graceful, subtle movement to the dome, its 13 tiers cascading down in a layered series of colours. The sculpture puts passementerie front and centre, not simply drawing attention to the craftsmanship of each tassel but turning on its head the idea that passementerie is a mere finishing touch.

Samuel & Sons Passementerie, Third Floor, Centre Dome
Houlès, Second Floor, South Dome
Jason D’Souza, First Floor, Centre Dome
Watts of Westminster, Third Floor, Centre Dome


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