Lunar Explorer


Porta Romana heads into a new stylistic direction with the launch of Cosmos; a new and ‘other-worldly’ range of lighting inspired by space and the planets. Mankind’s wonder at the universe is eternal and the story of our world is woven into glistening stars and their patterns; part science, part mythology, but always magical. The stunning collection mirrors just that. The moon’s cratered texture and its ever-constant metamorphosis from crescent to full is explored in celestial bodies of glass that glow, while blistered rounds of forged metal radiate a soft luminosity. “We really wanted to restrict the colour palette and go back to something really fresh, and that was done by combining lots of milky whites and greys with a bit of charcoal,” says creative director, Shazeen Emambux about the design concept.

Porta Romana, Ground Floor, Centre & South Domes


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