Raw Material


It’s not often that a material opens your eyes to new design possibilities, but RCA graduate Hannah Williams’ work with silicon, on show at StudioTex, does just that. With their pleasingly bouncy surface and swirls of colour, her marbled silicon tiles “can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, outdoors such as swimming pools, upholstery for furniture, kitchen splashbacks… you name it,” she says. “You can have the tile any size and any colour the client wishes, you can even cover a huge surface area without having a tile seam.” Hannah developed the material while studying fashion for her RCA masters, but says that “it’s so versatile and different” that she started to consider its applications in interiors. Every tile is different according to the colour and technique used, so now it’s just up the imagination of interior designers to take Hannah’s material to the next level.

StudioTex, Second Floor, South Dome


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