Bountiful Botanicals

Botanical-themed interiors are taking on a lush, jungle-like quality. ‘Kala’ by Manuel Canovas, from Colefax and Fowler (pictured top), is an embroidered linen with a design of exotic foliage and a slubbed weave to lend the fabric a hand-woven appearance. Samuel & Sons’ ‘Heko’ embroidered border (pictured centre) was inspired by the designs of traditional Japanese obi sashes: in fresh greens, it takes on the appearance of an abstracted leaf design. Rug designer Jan Kath’s Jungle collection (‘Magic View’, pictured bottom) was directly inspired by tropical settings, presenting a heady view up into the tree canopy, hand-knotted in a harmony of greens. The great outdoors has never looked fresher.

Front Rugs, Second Floor, South Dome
Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome
Samuel & Sons, Third Floor, Centre Dome


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