The Scenic Route


Who doesn’t love a wide open vista? Used in interiors, they offer a picture window on to another world. Pierre Frey’s ‘Yunnan’ four-panel wallcovering (pictured top) offers an in-the-clouds view of the Chinese mountains of the same name; it was originally painted in ink by artist Hélène Mongin. Fromental offers a more historical take on the natural vista with wallcoverings such as ‘Shimla’ (pictured centre). Firmly on British soil, Zoffany’s ‘Holkham Bay’ wall panels (pictured bottom) depict the stormy skies and expanse of sand of its Norfolk namesake. Its production came about more or less by accident, explains Zoffany’s head of design Peter Gomez. “We commissioned the artwork from an artist as a backdrop for our last photoshoot. We liked it so much that we thought, ‘why not make a wallpaper?'” The two wide-width designs – one with pebbles, one without – are interchangeable, so you can build up a whole room of wind-swept coastline.

Fromental, Third Floor, Centre & South Domes
Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East
Zoffany, Ground Floor, Centre Dome


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