What’s Happening on Day Four


10am – 11am DG Paints The Tate at Designers Guild, 267-277 King’s Road, SW3

10am – 6pm Edible Fabric Designs by Sophie Cabot at David Seyfried Ltd

10am – 6pm Lampshade Design Week at Porta Romana

10.30am – 11.30am Espresso Design Cooking Demonstration at Espresso Design

11am World’s Most Luxurious Bed at Savoir Beds

11.30am ‘My Smart Home House Has Changed My Life’ with David Holmes at Crestron EMEA

11.30am – 12.30pm CONVERSATIONS IN DESIGN: Pyschographics: The Science of Hotel Design
hosted by Sleeper
with Cristina Laurijssen, Stuart Pannel, John Paul Pederson and Molly Dolan

12pm FLORAL WORKSHOP: Floral Alchemy For Entertaining at Home with Larry Walshe at Zimmer + Rohde

12.30pm – 1.30pm Beauty Without Compromise at Jacaranda Carpets

1pm – 2pm How Flora, Fauna and Nature Inspires Design at Gladee Lighting

1pm – 5pm Afternoon Tea with Alcantara at Altfield

2pm DESIGN WORKSHOP hosted by KLC School of Design: New Colour Strategies at Tai Ping

2pm Metal and Glass Techniques for Designers and Architects at Remains Lighting

2pm – 4pm Period Costume Design to Brand New Couture Passementerie by Wendy Cushing at Jason D’Souza


2.30pm – 3.30pm Espresso Design Cooking Demonstration at Espresso Design

3pm – 4pm CONVERSATIONS IN DESIGN: Ideas Are Your Only Currency with Rod Judkins

3pm Design Laboratory – Oxymore XXL Wall Panels From Casamance at Colony

3.30pm Exploring Colour and Pattern in Soft Floor Coverings at Wool Classics

4pm Rod Judkins signs copies of his new book Ideas Are Your Only Currency

4pm The Science of Weaving – Ideas, Structures and Techniques at The Silk Gallery

4.30pm Ulivi Salotti – Leather, Craftsmanship, Tradition and Technology at Passerini

4.30pm – 5.15pm WORKSHOP: Sipsmiths’ G&T Workshop at Fox Linton


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