Strong Outlines

Geometrics reinvent themselves, again: this time, crisp black outlines and clean sculptural silhouettes are the shape of things to come.

Fold’ dining table (MR4537), Darryl Carter Collection for Milling Road at Baker. ‘Aztec’ candelabra, Francesco Della Femina at Passerini. ‘Rex’ chair (50002-52), Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia. ‘Diamond’ table lamp and shade, Best & Lloyd at Fromental. ‘Coppelia’ pendant, Moooi at Chaplins. ‘Cecily’ dining chair, J. Robert Scott. ‘Trebeca’ console, Simpsons. ‘Times Square’ table lamp (TL750), Bella Figura. Wallcovering: left hand and right hand wall, ‘Venezia’ (401), back wall and column, ‘Venezia’ (402), both Brian Yates. Fabric on left hand frame: ‘Domino’ (31612/12), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric in back of small vitrine: ‘Lao Lao’ (F3143001), Pierre Frey. Fabric in back of large vitrine: ‘Midpoint’ (K2123/4), Knoll Textiles at StudioTex. Sheer fabric in hanging panel: ‘Tri Out’, Pollack at Altfield. Fabric on right hand frame: ‘Zingaro’ (34253/11), GP & J Baker.

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