Cultural Developments

Ethnic prints, basketwork, tribal sketches and intricate beading mix ancient techniques and avant-garde ideas.

‘Raku’ ceramic, Birgit Israel. Fabrics in vitrine: ‘Kasbah’,  de Le Cuona. ‘Basket’ pendant ceiling light (CC016HT25), Nicholas Haslam Ltd. ‘Black Ceramic’ table lamp with black shade, Birgit Israel. ‘Vic’ table (11K70), Flexform. ‘Milena’ chair, upholstered in ‘Jazz’ fabric (FFCMIL70ST), Le Manach at Pierre Frey. Wool pom-pom samples, Tai Ping. ‘Crono’ armchair (22021), Flexform. Wallcovering on left hand wall: ‘Cap’ (11), Brian Yates. Wallcoverings in background: ‘Perles’ (VP91010 and VP91014), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. Fabric in large vitrine: ‘Bagatelle’ (31609/03), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric on back wall frame: ‘Argoun’ (F3162001), Pierre Frey. Fabric on right hand wall frame: ‘Javanese’, Robert Allen. Sheer fabric in hanging screen: ‘Tournay’, Beacon Hill. Paint on right hand wall: ‘Graphite’ (48), Sanderson

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