Make Your Mark

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is an anthology of stories about designing and making. For many design professionals, that journey of discovery – finding out about an unusual method of manufacture – is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. They pass those stories on to their clients, imbuing the finished project with more emotional charge. In the Sushi Terrace, ‘Kodiak’, a faceted, mosaic-like design by Lori Weitzner, caught the attention of passers-by. It was created by artisans hand-plaiting strips cut from upcycled print media. “We like to challenge our clients’ perception of what a wallcovering can be by creating innovative materials that evoke curiosity, calm and beauty,” says the New York-based designer about her work. See more of her designs in Altfield.

Altfield, Second Floor, Centre Dome


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