Monthly Archives: September 2017

The instantly recognisable textiles of Italian brand Missoni have been translated into vinyl wallcoverings, newly available at Brian Yates. Alongside the famous Missoni zig-zags, the collection includes a subtle mini chevron and plenty of florals, including ‘Anemones’ (pictured, top); some cleverly mimic an embroidered finish. The Brian Yates showroom launched the collection with a collaged moodboard that took up a whole wall; visitors were invited to inspect the detail on the wallcoverings via a series of hanging magnifying glasses – a playful touch that reflects the irreverent patterns themselves.

Brian Yates, Ground Floor, South Dome

An invigorating – and complimentary – cup of coffee from Vagabond Coffee Roasters is an essential part of a visit to Focus/17. Vagabond sources speciality coffees from around the world, roasting small batches of green beans at its north London HQ: it is made, and served, with love and passion. The company also shared its vast knowledge with a ‘coffee cupping’ tasting session, part of Focus/17’s Sensory Series Workshops. Similar to wine tasting, coffee comes in an amazing variety of flavours and characteristics – a world that can be unlocked with the help of the experts. 

Second Floor, Centre Dome 

The concept of Focus/17’s Sensory Salon is a simple one: to create a calming, regenerative space by stimulating five senses. Artist DD Regalo, represented by ArteMea Advisory, is painting the walls with a meditative piece inspired by life’s journey. The undulating ribbon of bright colour “is more than just that cliche of life’s ups and downs,” he says. “It’s more like the travelling of a path, trying to find meaning.” The initial inspiration was the visual timelines used to illustrate a well-known person’s biography, with the important dates marked off with vertical lines: here, those marks have their echo as long drips of acrylic paint that run down the walls. “I put the life in the line,” says DD Regalo.

While the mural, full of colour and texture, is taking shape across the week – giving plenty of reason for a repeat visit –  the other senses are well-catered for too. Fine tea from Jing Tea, suppliers to many Michelin-starred restaurants, refreshes and revives visitors; Jo Malone London provided the scent and Bose speakers emit soothing sounds, enhancing the meditative ambience of the space. As for the sense of touch, that comes down to the rugs and fabric supplied by the Design Centre’s own showrooms: ‘Ikko’ (132430) fabric, rose quartz, by Anthology at Style Library and ‘Takenawa I’ and ‘Vigil 1’ rugs from Tai Ping.

 Third Floor, Design Centre East