Windows on the World

Globe-trotting, nomadic design is a significant theme for the spring/summer 2018 collections, a trend that is reflected in the showroom displays for London Design Week 2018. As part of the ‘Legends’ initiative, showrooms took visitors on an exotic tour, thanks to collaborations with top designers. Jo leGleud of Maddux Creative’s huge ‘Vintage Aztec’ rug filled Tim Page Carpets’ window, while at Lizzo, Shauna Dennison brought to life her ‘Beyul’ collection for Pepe Peñalver with china monkeys and leopards, colonial-style furniture and lush potted plants. Anthony Gyseman of Flint Design Studio was given free rein with Pierre Frey’s Arapahos and Grand Canyon collections, both inspired by the New World. Sometimes, this transporting design was continued inside, too: Cole & Son’s doorway was transformed into the entrance to a tranquil Islamic palace, to mark its new collection with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, with a tinkling fountain and heady incense fragrance inside the showroom to stimulate all the senses.

Pictured, top to bottom: Shauna Dennison at Lizzo, Martyn Lawrence Bullard at Cole & Son, Maddux Creative at Tim Page Carpets

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