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Jean-Paul Gaultier has always looked at things from an unusual perspective and questioned what was expected. For the new Voyages Voyages collection for Lelièvre Paris, he intertwines patterns with a dream-like quality to evoke departures, discoveries and encounters. Shown here is ‘Festival’, a panoramic wallcovering in glorious technicolour, dripping with cherry blossom, juxtaposed with nostalgic ‘Anastasia’ cushions.

Lelièvre, First Floor, North & Centre Domes


Nature in all its glory came inside for London Design Week 2018, as showrooms were transformed by everything from ice sculptures to delicate flowers and semi-precious stones. ‘Legends’, which saw windows given a creative redesign thanks to collaborations with designers, architects, artists and tastemakers, included a host of nature-inspired displays. In recognition of its Icelandic roots, Chase Erwin asked ice sculptor Percy Salazar Diaz to create a work with a piece of fabric from its Polar Light collection encased inside, while Carlo Ballabio made a creative display from Porada’s raw materials – slices and planks of walnut, artfully stacked up. Giorgetti showed work by Carlo Colombo, also with focus on timber furniture. Porta Romana enlisted the help of florists Aesme, which created delicate halo-like hanging arrangements around its pendants.

Tai Ping showed work by Fernando Mastrangelo, part of the artist and sculptor’s Reverence collection for Edward Fields, inspired by geographical fractures such as cracked earth and striated stone, and Arteriors’ founder Mark Moussa included objets d’art made from agate slices as part of its display. A-list decorator Paolo Moschino kept it chic at Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd with furniture from its Santa Barbara collection, made from hardwood finished with woven seagrass rope. Finally, Lacaze London went into the deep with a window inspired by the lost city of Atlantis – which is also the inspiration for its latest furniture collection.

Pictured top to bottom are: Aesme for Porta Romana; Carlo Ballabio for Porada; and Percy Salazar Diaz for Chase Erwin.

An earth-toned palette of clay, rust-red and burnt orange creates instant warmth. Add contrasting mineral blues and forest greens to balance out the hot hues, with burnished gold and brass to up the sophistication.

Above, from left to right: ‘Magi’ day bed upholstered in ‘Elegance’, col 942, Flexform. ‘Cascade’ cushion, (CAS04), clay, with black trim, Evitavonni. ‘Kando’ side table, Marc De Berny. ‘Crea’ vase, Giorgetti. ‘Bahamas’ pendant light, Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd. ‘Dublin’ dining table, Julian Chichester. ‘Heart’ vessel, ‘Tall’ vessel and ‘Small’ vessel burnished porcelain vases, all Black & Key. ‘Bayus’ chest of drawers, Porada. ‘Cole’ table lamp, Birgit Israel. ‘Fire’ vessels (BR-355/RBB/G) and (BR-357/RBB/G), both Alexander Lamont at Miles x Bookshop. ‘Roslynn’ console table, veneered oak stained walnut, Lacaze London.

Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Ambient’ (AB109), Brian Yates. ‘Virginia’ (RTS804), Brian Yates. On bobbin: ‘Toucan’ (7395 03 37), Casamance at Colony. ‘Evelyn Antique’ (ZTOT312733), Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Shatter’ (EANV111850), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Cane Weave Desert’ (W9353), McGuire at Baker. Fabrics from left to right: On bobbin: ‘Salvador de Batia’ (M199 7 03), Misia for Casamance at Colony. Through needle: ‘Orbit’ border (BT-57868), Samuel & Sons. ‘Beauharnais’ (4025), Casamance at Colony. ‘Zapara’ (132642), Harlequin at Style Library. ‘Watercolour’ (31627/02), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Paints from left to right: Small cube, ‘Lazuli’, Zoffany at Style Library, cube on top, ‘Muddy Amber’ Zoffany at Style Library, small cube and larger cube under table, ‘Bone Black’ Zoffany at Style Library, large cube under day bed, ‘Muddy Amber’, Zoffany at Style Library. Pencil tips: ‘Muddy Amber’, ‘Como Blue’, ‘Bone Black’ and ‘Lazuli’ all Zoffany at Style Library. Bobbin, needle, paint brush, pencil stems and paint roller, ‘Architects White’, Zoffany at Style Library

Above: from left to right, top to bottom: ‘Arrow’ wallcovering (26525), Arte. ‘Greca’ fabric, Brochier at Altfield. ‘Lozenge’ tassel (WLP1012), Wendy Cushing Passementerie at Jason D’Souza. ‘Cashiers’ wallcovering (AT79112), Anna French at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Metalink Gold’ beaded trimming, Stroheim at Alton-Brooke. Paint: ‘Muddy Amber’ and ‘Como Blue’ both Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Garea Diamond’ tiles, Artisans of Devises. ‘Satara’ carpet sample, Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Ethnias’ (M201 8 02) and ‘La Plume du Toucan’ (M187 2 01) fabrics, both Misia for Casamance at Colony. ‘Stella Fiori II’ chandelier sample (SAC37), J. Robert Scott


Belgian tastemaker and interior designer Gert Voorjans has created homes for A-listers as well as stores worldwide for his most notable client, Dries Van Noten. Masterful in his confident blend of texture, colour, period and pattern, his work is defined by a nonchalant and contrasting mix, richly layered with influences from the East and West. These characteristics relate to Jim Thompson’s style, making a collaboration between them a perfect match. This exuberant ‘Melusine’ fabric is a good example.

Jim Thompson, Design Space, Third Floor, South Dome

To experience a greatest-hits journey through the highlights of London Design Week 2018, join a daily Design Discovery Tour. Accompanied by a glass of fizz, these tours are an exploration of all that the showrooms have to offer, experiencing the latest openings, products with provenance and collections with a compelling story to tell. A different route every day means there’s a wealth of talent to take in. A special midweek session was led by Carole Annett, interiors editor of Country & Town House, who toured her favourite showrooms.