Hook, Line and Sinker

This season takes a dive beneath the waves, bringing attention to the colour, life and beauty of the blue planet. With mesmerising sea creatures and spectacular ecosystems that exist underwater, it has never been easier to take the plunge.

Above, left to right: ‘Nova’ table lamp and ‘Asian Turtle Shell’, both Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd. ‘Leda’ armchair in ‘Estelle’, Mood by Flexform. ‘Buckingham’ double wall light, Nada Designs. ‘Ascanio’ table, Flexform. ‘Sophie’ chair and ‘Mathieu’ desk, Poliform. Fabric on chair: ‘Minako’, Harlequin at Style Library. Fabrics in frames: ‘Paradou’, Casamance at Colony. ‘Leon’, Raoul Textiles at Turnell & Gigon. Main wallcovering: ‘D-Ocean Still Life’, Iksel – Decorative Arts. Background left wallcovering: ‘Metamorphic’, Anthology at Style Library. Wallcovering in background on right: ‘Minako’, Harlequin at Style Library. Wallcovering on trunk: ‘Perlite’, Anthology at Style Library. Wallcovering on hatbox: ‘Helium’, Brian Yates. Paint: ‘Crimson’, ‘Koi Carp’, Poison; all Zoffany; ‘Artichoke’, ‘High Sea’, ‘Harbour Blue’, all Sanderson, all at Style Library. Flooring: ‘Chequerboard’ tiles, royal mink and limestone, Artisans of Devizes

Background: ‘Apupa’ wallcovering, Casamance at Colony. From left to right: ‘Tempestine’ fabric, C & C Milano. ‘Tomoko Velvet’ wallcovering, Black Editions at Romo. ‘Heavy Velvet’ carpet, Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Travis’ fabric, Weitzner at Altfi eld. Embroidered tape, Texture at StudioTex. ‘Tozer’ fabric, Etamine at Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Vitruvius’ wallcovering, Anthology at Style Library. ‘Taluk Sisal’ wallcovering, Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Quantum 10’ carpet, Wool Classics. ‘Manta’ and ‘Syracuse’ leathers, Whistler Leather. ‘Victoire’ fabric, Casamance at Colony. ‘Facted’ door knob, Turnstyle Designs. ‘Lucida’ fabric, Altfi eld. Paints: ‘Newby Green’, ‘Artichoke’ and ‘Harbour Blue’ Sanderson and ‘Crimson’, Zoffany, all at Style Library

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