Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is known for being the home of creative minds willing to think out of the box. Take furniture maker Decorus, which is pushing the boundary of surface design with its liquid metal finishes. These coatings create products with the look and feel of solid metal, without the associated weight and impracticality. Materials such as zinc, bronze, brass, white gold, aluminium and copper are ground into a fine powder and mixed with liquid before being applied to a surface or poured into a mould. The array of final finishes is impressive, from a thick impasto to sharkskin, and bespoke samples can be turned around in just a few days. Shown here is the ‘Arcadia’ console. The cast panel top and lower shelf showcase the infinite possibilities of these innovative finishes.

Decorus, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East

With a reputation for developing patterns with interesting visual narratives, Lewis & Wood has given a new lease of life to some hand-painted patterns by Huguenot silk weavers which they unearthed in the Victoria & Albert Museum archives. The artists, weavers and illustrators fled from France following the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and brought their silkweaving skills to east London’s Spitalfields. The new designs have travelled with little difficulty from the East End to the West End – and from 1720 to 2017 – and represent a beautiful addition to the Lewis & Wood portfolio. ‘Hanbury’ (shown here) is taken from an original design (shown below) by Joseph Danridge, a natural history illustrator and silk pattern designer, and is available as a wide width wallpaper.

Lewis & Wood, First Floor, Design Centre East