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Bring nature indoors with birdlife – feathers, eggs and all – and other native creatures. A soothing palette of duck egg, turquoise and soft grey brings calm, serenity and comfort.

From left to right: ‘Gesso’ vase with handles and ‘Gesso Seated Bird’, both Julian Chichester.Deco Monobloc’ lever basin mixer, silver, Perrin & Rowe. ‘Satin Nickel’ finial (F298), McKinney & Co. ‘Mini Orbit’ pendant light, Porta Romana. Solid/horizontal bands Perspex’ (GP12), ‘Solid Perspex’ (GP6) and ‘Solid Bubble Perspex’ (GP10) curtain poles, all McKinney & Co.  Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Greenhouse’ (143-138 894), Brian Yates. ‘Tempest’ (WTEM-183), Quercus & Co. at George Spencer Designs. ‘Estrella’, jade, Galbraith & Paul at Tissus D’Hélène. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Dune Hares’ (226436), Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Single Stripe’, Madder Cutch & Co and ‘Elsewhere’ (42180),  Madeaux, both at Tissus D’Hélène. Paints from left to right: ‘Horizon Grey’ and ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Frost’, Zoffany at Style Library; ‘Cosmic Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library; pencil tips; ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library, ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library and ‘Horizon Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; scissors, paint brush, pencil stems and paint roller, ‘Architects White’, Zoffany at Style Library.

Left to right, top to bottom: ‘Reunion’ fabric (T9064|02), Weitzner at Altfield. ‘Fairfield’ wallcovering (AT79142) and ‘Davis Dot’ wallcovering (AT79163), both Anna French at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/06), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. ‘Square Perspex’ curtain ring (R17), McKinney & Co. ‘Sea Cliff Diamond’ carpet sample, (14340), Holland & Sherry. Carpet tufts: (ESR017-10732X(12), ‘Verdigris’ (ESR-15-7480(6) and ‘Peninsula’ (ESR-16-2895(8), all Tai Ping. ‘Hudson Striped’ border (BT-57677), Samuel & Sons. Paints: ‘Dufour’ and ‘Frost’, both Zoffany at Style Library, ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Pine Cone’ fabric, Madder Cutch & Co at Tissus D’Hélène. ‘Lindos’ fabric (2233/04) No. 9 Thompson at Jim Thompson. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/08), James Hare at Marvic Textiles


Tai Ping Fernando Mastrangelo rug

Fernando Mastrangelo’s sculptural work, elevating every day materials such as salt and sand into works of art, has garnered much attention recently. The same spirit of consideration can be seen in his new Reverence rug collection for Edward Fields, available at Tai Ping.

“I wanted it to articulate the visual language of nature and to convey a sense of wonder and respect for our physical world,” he says. The landscape-inspired pieces crack, break and flow to suggest a kind of realism that floats between abstraction and photography, watercolour and pastels. Meticulously hand sculpted by artisans, this ‘Fracture 1’ rug references the beauty of canyons.

Tai Ping, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East


Artwork once found in a gallery is now durable enough to survive the messiness of modern life. American abstract artist Sam Glankoff’s work has been translated into a hand-knotted rug using solution-dyed acrylic yarn; called ‘Visionary’, the piece faithfully details the artist’s subtle colour blends and technique of using overlapping panels of paper. Find out more at Sutherland Perennials Studio.

Sutherland Perennials Studio, Second Floor, North Dome

Rocks, minerals and semi-precious stones make for a distinctly elemental take on design: the palette is earthy, shot through with jewel tones such as lapis lazuli and amethyst. Explore the geological trend via products such as Tai Ping’s ‘Density’ rug (pictured top), and Wired Custom Lighting’s ‘Machine’ chandelier (pictured centre), whose rough-hewn crystals are a contemporary alternative to cut-glass drops. The Silk Gallery’s ‘Earth’ fabric (pictured bottom) has a beautifully delicate appearance, with an enigmatic pattern that looks like cracked earth or flaked bark.

The Silk Gallery, Ground Floor, Centre Dome
Tai Ping, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East
Wired Custom Lighting, Second Floor, Centre Dome


How many homeowners have embarked on a bold bedroom refurbishment having been inspired by a stay at a Soho House? The members’ club group has properties from Chicago to the Cotswolds, and at each one, the interiors – comfortable and luxurious without being flashy, and with great attention to detail – is irresistible. Now there is Soho Home, Interiors from Soho House, the retail arm of the group, which has teamed up with Turnell & Gigon at Home to create a pop-up at London Design Week 2017. The roomset pairs fabrics from Turnell & Gigon with items from Soho Home’s portfolio of furniture, lighting and accessories, creating a sumptuous bedroom, bathroom and living room suite that is the epitome of style. Highlights include walls wrapped in Schumacher’s ‘Ursula’, a delicate floral printed on linen, and Neisha Crosland’s spiky ‘Hedgehog’ fabric, used on Soho Home’s ‘Dozy’ sofa. The ‘Evelyn’ four-poster is draped with pinstripe and taffeta silks from Decortex and Veraseta, and trimmings from Les Passementeries de l’Ile de France provide a chic finishing touch.

Turnell & Gigon at Home, Ground Floor, North Dome



Blur, Tai Ping’s latest collection, was inspired by vintage photography techniques. Its abstract aesthetic manages to be both dreamily nostalgic – evoking memories of an era before the arrival of smartphones – and refreshingly modern. The serene ‘Bokeh II’, pictured, is named after the bokeh effect, where the lens renders out-of-focus areas as blurred spots of light.

Tai Ping, Fourth Floor, Design Centre East

Botanical-themed interiors are taking on a lush, jungle-like quality. ‘Kala’ by Manuel Canovas, from Colefax and Fowler (pictured top), is an embroidered linen with a design of exotic foliage and a slubbed weave to lend the fabric a hand-woven appearance. Samuel & Sons’ ‘Heko’ embroidered border (pictured centre) was inspired by the designs of traditional Japanese obi sashes: in fresh greens, it takes on the appearance of an abstracted leaf design. Rug designer Jan Kath’s Jungle collection (‘Magic View’, pictured bottom) was directly inspired by tropical settings, presenting a heady view up into the tree canopy, hand-knotted in a harmony of greens. The great outdoors has never looked fresher.

Front Rugs, Second Floor, South Dome
Colefax and Fowler, Ground Floor, South Dome
Samuel & Sons, Third Floor, Centre Dome