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Old has never looked so right now, as we look to heritage and tradition to ground us and make sense of a fast-paced world. Just as the Burberry trenchcoat is subtly reinvented season after season, designers are showing their appreciation for what has gone before, but nearly always with a twist that makes the pieces right for today. The clean lines, symmetry and sophisticated palette of Art Deco are a big theme in everything from tiles to lighting, while the highly stylised flowers of Ottoman textiles – updated with non-traditional colour palettes – is another thread. In furniture, designers seek to reinvent a classic by upping the scale or adding a new finish.

Pictured (top to bottom) are a ‘Block’ rug from Birgit Israel; ‘Ritz Harlequin’ mosaic tiles from Artisans of Devizes; a ‘Scarsdale’ console from Davidson; ‘Bursa’ fabric by Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd; and a ‘Strauss’ pendant from Wired Custom Lighting.

Birgit Israel, Ground Floor, Design Centre East
Artisans of Devizes, Third Floor, Design Centre East
Davidson, First Floor, South Dome
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd, Second Floor, South Dome
Wired Custom Lighting, Ground Floor, North Dome (pop up)


Washington DC interior designer Thomas Pheasant’s signature style is one of modern elegance, and his new furniture collection for Baker carries over those serene qualities: a neutral palette, simplicity, refinement and comfort are the watchwords. Pictured are a ‘Janus’ cabinet with Mica and graphite glass doors; an ‘Orbit’ table lamp, ‘Wedge’ dining chairs and a ‘Ray’ table – all possessing the cool classicism that devotees have come to expect from the award-winning designer.

Baker, First Floor, South Dome

Porada celebrates 70 years in business this year, and this ‘Fuji’ walnut dining table shows off the Italian brand’s most enduring talent – the ability to manipulate timber to bring out its fullest beauty. The design was inspired by an opening flower bud; its base is created from a single panel with 12 folding cuts, while the tabletop plunges inward at the centre, creating a well for a vase or plant holder, or the complementary ‘Fuji’ turntable tray. It was designed by Tarcisco Colani, one of Porada’s long-standing collaborators.

Porada, First Floor, South Dome


Oficina Inglesa Furniture has opened its doors in Design Centre East. With a focus on handmade furniture, and clients including Manolo Blahnik, this 30-year-old brand is synonymous with craftsmanship: everything is made at its own workshop. Director Eduardo Alves says the new showroom will display “our full library of materials, including woods, finishes, fabrics and other features such as handles and decorative ironwork, metallic applications in brass and bronze, exquisite marbles and more.” Bespoke pieces are a speciality: “At Oficina Inglesa, no requirement is impossible to achieve – we can make absolutely any piece of furniture as we have both the knowledge and the resources to complete the most complex of projects.”

Oficina Inglesa Furniture, Third Floor, Design Centre East

Summit Furniture has teamed up with British interior designer Nina Campbell to add five new designs to its high-performance Endurance textiles. Durable and stylish, they are 100% woven and offered in a sophisticated palette that includes coral, lapis, travertine and turquoise. Shown here is the ‘Smoothie’ sectional in ‘London Crosshatch’ with ‘Shanghai Labyrinth’ cushions, both in peridot.

Summit Furniture, Third Floor, North Dome

Savoir Beds is well known for its innovative collaborations with designers, but its latest joint venture, with the National Gallery and Andrew Martin, is opening up a vast, untapped creative resource. Every painting within the gallery can be upholstered onto a Savoir headboard and base, from Monet’s waterlilies to a Gainsborough portrait to a Renaissance altarpiece. Pictured is a ‘Felix’ bed featuring Gherardo di Giovanni del Fora’s ‘The Combat of Love and Chastity’ (c.1475-1500), a painted wooden panel thought to illustrate a piece of poetry by Petrarch – and a rather tongue-in-cheek subject matter for a bed, given that Chastity wins…

Savoir Beds, First Floor, South Dome


Flowers and foliage are bold and bright – ready to be mixed and matched for a scheme that explodes in to life.

From left to right: ‘Soft Sandy Silk’ rug (101736A) rug, Stark Carpet. ‘Violante Lodo D’Oria’ vases, Miles x Bookshop. ‘Trivento’ bath and ‘Florin’ taps, Victoria & Albert Baths. ‘Delphine’ rug, Topfloor by Esti. ‘Eaton’ small ottoman (1M061) upholstered in ‘Magnolia’, (134), ‘Dragonfly’ sofa upholstered in ‘Magnolia’, (133) and cushion ‘Magnolia’ (134), a;; Mood at Flexform. ‘Pera’ silk and wool throw ((P-001), Topfloor by Esti. ‘Small Ball’ lamp (GLB77S), rhubarb with a ‘14” Bongo’ gathered shade, Porta Romana. Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Ethereal’ (EANV111836), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Fleur’ (W5031/06), Weitzner at Altfield.‘Greenhouse’ (143-138 886), Brian Yates. ‘Windswept Moss’ (WPWIN-187), Quercus & Co., George Spencer Designs. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Paradiso’ (10757 843), Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Andrea’ (F 3251 001), Pierre Frey. ‘Atlas’ (10756/874), Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Midsummer’ (SC073-V2), Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates. Paints from left to right: ‘Kingly Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library, small cube in front, ‘Prussian’, smaller cube on top ‘Aqua’, tall cube behind ‘Monet’, all Zoffany at Style Library, larger cube under ottoman ‘French Lilac’, Sanderson at Style Library, smaller cube under ottoman leg, ‘Prussian’, cube behind sofa ‘Monet’, smaller cube behind sofa ‘Aqua’, all Zoffany at Style Library, pencil tips, ‘Porcelain’, ‘Monet’, both Zoffany at Style Library, ‘French Lilac’ Sanderson at Style Library, ‘Prussian’ Zoffany at Style Library, ‘Window Blue’ Sanderson at Style Library, paint brush handles and pencil stems ‘Architects White’, all Zoffany at Style Library