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This year, it’s all about a sophisticated cosmopolitan charm, with some eclectic touchpoints when it comes to inspiration. Layers of vibrant colour and rich materials speak of history, travel and craftsmanship.

‘Captain’s Chair’ upholstered in (94-557) fabric and ‘Irish’ stool upholstered in (94-561) fabric, Baker. ‘Artisan Cushion’ (2786-02), Sahco. ‘Honoré’ dining table, Oficina Inglesa Furniture. ‘Blob’ lamp, evergreen, with ‘BGL’ ‘Bongo’ shade, Porta Romana. ‘Mad Floral’ rug, Tim Page Carpets. Fabric in frames from left: ‘Runway’ (4228 0430), Casamance at Colony. ‘Ndebeles’ (FP546001), argile, Pierre Frey. ‘Uluru Tirelle’ (10788.27/T1), Nobilis. Fabric in background: ‘Palazzo’ (10791.70), Nobilis. Fabric on carpet bag ‘Zimbabwe’ (F3356001), Pierre Frey; Handles: ‘Cyclus’ tie backs (P076-04) and (P076-05), Sahco. Trim: ‘Chevallerie’ scalloped tassel fringe (TF-58300), Bordeaux and ‘Chevallerie’ braid, (GB-58296), Bordeaux, Samuel & Sons. Wallcovering on main wall: ‘rich multi (114/13025), rich multi, Cole & Sons. Wallcovering on right wall: ‘Cord Wall’ (50060 518), Zimmer + Rohde. Wallcovering on trunk: ‘Pretoria’, (FP542), indigo, Pierre Frey. Wall panelling: ‘Georgian Panels’, Lincrusta; painted in: ‘Harbour Blue’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on left wall: ‘Poison’, Zoffany at Style Library. Paint on door frames: ‘Wild Plum Light’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on left frame: ‘Lazuli’, Zoffany at Style Library. Paint on back wall: ‘Koi Carp’, Zoffany at Style Library. Flooring: ‘Chequerboard’, royal mink and limestone, Artisans de Devizes

Background: ‘Solstice’ fabric (10789.70), Nobilis. From left to right: ‘Chiselled’ fabric, merlot, Knoll Textiles at StudioTex. (DK-9504-225) door knob, SA Baxter Architectural Hardware. ‘Steppe’ carpet, peridot and ‘Quantum 14’ carpet, fuchsia, both Wool Classics. ‘Chevallerie’ scalloped tassel fringe’ (TF-58300), Bordeaux, Samuel & Sons. ‘Paint Box’ fabric (FD313.T20) teal/spice, Mulberry Home. ‘Lazuli’ paint, Zoffany and ‘Wild Plum Light’ paint, Sanderson, both at Style Library. ‘Swank’ fabric (K2221/4), jasper, Knoll Luxe at StudioTex. ‘Brick’ fabric (10790.51) magenta, Nobilis. ‘Nouvelles Vagues’ fabric (T18011/005), malachite, Dedar. ‘Canfield Stripe’ fabric (1711-02), aubergine, Blithfield at Lewis & Wood. ‘Winoy Bronze’ finish, Espresso Design. ‘Koi Carp’ and ‘Poison’ paints, Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Vancouver’ leather (VAN429), oceanic and ‘Bilbao’leather (BLB233), Bordeaux, Whistler Leather

Piero Fornasetti is referred to as the “designer of dreams”, and his visual universe of surrealism-tinged illustrations is instantly recognisable. He was also a purveyor of furniture and other objects that blurred the boundaries between art and design, long before such an idea took flight elsewhere. Cole & Son’s Senza Tempo collection is the fourth time that the two brands have collaborated, keeping Fornasetti’s legacy current with some patterns adapted from existing designs (but never available before as wallcoverings), and others re-coloured, given a change of scale or otherwise reimagined. The results include ‘Arance’ (pictured) with its motif of repeated citrus fruits originally seen on a 1950s design for a tray; ‘Cocktails’ a trompe-l’oeil depiction of endless bar-shelves of glasses, spirit-bottles and shakers (originally a design for an ice bucket); and ‘Nuvolette’ a scaled-down version of the iconic ‘Nuvole’ mural of scudding black-and-white clouds.

Cole & Son, Ground Floor, Centre Dome

Design takes an escapist turn this season. This global outlook is long and languid, saturated in golden-hued warmth and exotic influences that evoke journeys to far-flung locations.

From left to right: ‘Hub’ dining table, Christophe Delcourt at GMR Interiors. Vintage silver-plated table lamp and 19th century chaise with wicker, both Birgit Israel. ‘Peggy G’ sofa, Ceccotti Collezioni, upholstered in ‘Taxus’ fabric (L915409), Larsen at Colefax and Fowler. Cushion: ‘Urban Jungle’ (1478802), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. ‘X’ occasional table, J. Robert Scott. Coffee table, stylist’s own. ‘Yama’ rug, Tai Ping. Fabric in frames from left: ‘Samburu’ (SBU37), midnight, Peter Fasano at Tissus d’Hélène. ‘Kasai’ (10806/714), Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Yasar’ (10789/185), Zimmer + Rohde. Wallcovering on main wall: ‘Wild’ (DGWIL1021, DGWIL1022 and DGWIL1023), Brian Yates. Wallcovering on background pillar: ‘Hanawa’ (W921-02), Black Edition at Romo. Wall panelling: ‘Tropical Leaf’, Lincrusta; painted in ‘Oxney Olive’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on left wall: ‘Carbon’, Sanderson at Style Library. Paint on door frames: ‘Tigers Eye’, Zoffany at Style Library. Paint on frames: ‘Oxney Olive’, Sanderson at Style Library. Flooring: ‘Chequerboard’, royal mink and limestone, Artisans of Devizes

Right to left: ‘Mut Robini’ tile, Via Arkadia (Tiles); ‘Grande Bretagne’ fabric, Pierre Frey; ‘Lumineuse’ fabric, Casamance at Colony; ‘Nest’ carpet, Wool Classics; ‘Tatami’ fabric, Zimmer + Rohde; ‘Mandurah fabric’, StudioTex; ‘Solstice’, Nobilis; ‘Promenade’, Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets; ‘Livorno’ hide and ‘Biarritz’ hide; both Whistler Leather; ‘Talaia’ fabric, Camengo at Colony; ‘Tigers Eye’ and ‘Carbon’ paint, Zoffany; ‘Oxney Olive’ paint, Sanderson; all Style Library; ‘Sikkim’ carpet, Jacaranda Carpets; pale-gold finial, Nada Designs; ‘Amiens Jasmin’ bullion, Watts of Westminster. Background: ‘Drift’ wallcovering, Arte

With its eclectic approach to design, Mulberry Home enjoys a reputation for craftsmanship and individuality. Modern Country sums up this ethos, with its sumptuous garden florals, printed velvets, embroideries and heavily textured stripes. Pictured are ‘Petersham’ linen (suspended in foreground and background) and ‘Kliver’ (on sofa upholstery), a faded abstract design; both have a bohemian elegance that illustrates the playful aesthetic that is in the ascent.

Mulberry Home, Ground Floor, Design Centre East