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Zoffany’s Darnley collection draws on the evergreen country-house aesthetic. This elegant ‘Stand Wood’ wallcovering, designed by renowned mural artist Melissa White, also picks up on the increasing importance of narrative in design: capturing the feel of an aged artwork, signature brushstrokes add interest as a mythical story unfolds. Other reinterpretations of country-house classics include ‘Darnley’ based on a design from Temple Newsom near Leeds, and ‘Heiress Damask’ which has been reduced in scale from a traditional damask for a more fashion-led look. Find the collection at Style Library.

Style Library, First Floor, South Dome

Pierre Frey’s Arapahos collection trains its eye on the New World, through the lens of the Western genre, explorers’ notebooks – and a dash of fantasy and pop. Its free-form interpretation of Native American culture includes embroideries with geometric patterns, jacquards, stripes and prints, in a palette of ‘traditional’ ochres and blues as well as more contemporary shades such as emerald green and water-lily purple. A complementary wallpaper collection, Grand Canyon, treads the same territory.

Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East

Flowers and foliage are bold and bright – ready to be mixed and matched for a scheme that explodes in to life.

From left to right: ‘Soft Sandy Silk’ rug (101736A) rug, Stark Carpet. ‘Violante Lodo D’Oria’ vases, Miles x Bookshop. ‘Trivento’ bath and ‘Florin’ taps, Victoria & Albert Baths. ‘Delphine’ rug, Topfloor by Esti. ‘Eaton’ small ottoman (1M061) upholstered in ‘Magnolia’, (134), ‘Dragonfly’ sofa upholstered in ‘Magnolia’, (133) and cushion ‘Magnolia’ (134), a;; Mood at Flexform. ‘Pera’ silk and wool throw ((P-001), Topfloor by Esti. ‘Small Ball’ lamp (GLB77S), rhubarb with a ‘14” Bongo’ gathered shade, Porta Romana. Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Ethereal’ (EANV111836), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Fleur’ (W5031/06), Weitzner at Altfield.‘Greenhouse’ (143-138 886), Brian Yates. ‘Windswept Moss’ (WPWIN-187), Quercus & Co., George Spencer Designs. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Paradiso’ (10757 843), Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Andrea’ (F 3251 001), Pierre Frey. ‘Atlas’ (10756/874), Zimmer + Rohde. ‘Midsummer’ (SC073-V2), Sheila Coombes at Brian Yates. Paints from left to right: ‘Kingly Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library, small cube in front, ‘Prussian’, smaller cube on top ‘Aqua’, tall cube behind ‘Monet’, all Zoffany at Style Library, larger cube under ottoman ‘French Lilac’, Sanderson at Style Library, smaller cube under ottoman leg, ‘Prussian’, cube behind sofa ‘Monet’, smaller cube behind sofa ‘Aqua’, all Zoffany at Style Library, pencil tips, ‘Porcelain’, ‘Monet’, both Zoffany at Style Library, ‘French Lilac’ Sanderson at Style Library, ‘Prussian’ Zoffany at Style Library, ‘Window Blue’ Sanderson at Style Library, paint brush handles and pencil stems ‘Architects White’, all Zoffany at Style Library

New to George Spencer Designs is Aux Abris, a boutique design studio set up by interior designer Karen Robert. It specialises in wallcoverings printed on distinctive textures such as grasscloth, raw silk, canvas and woven Japanese paper. This Garden of Eden set of silk panels is pictured in colourway ‘Eve’ – and naturally, there’s a companion called ‘Adam’, in a more neutral palette.

George Spencer Designs, Third Floor, Design Centre East

Fine art is the nucleus of inspiration for so much of the best design – whether it responds to the stylistic traits of the painters of the past or involves creating sculptural furniture and objects that are just as expressive as something from a gallery. In addition, designers are working with an increasingly sophisticated client base who see art as central to a dynamic interior, providing context and meaning that underpin decor. The interior design not only complements the fine art; in many cases it is so distinctive and beautifully crafted that it can act as a substitute for it, too.

Pictured (top to bottom) are Fromental’s ‘Braque’ wallcovering, a collaged design inspired by the work of Georges Braque; ‘Kinship’ wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries, which takes a similar approach, with artisanal layered paper; a sculptural ‘Karl’ table and ‘Frank’ lamp by Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd; ‘Shaman’ wallcovering by Pierre Frey, the artwork for which was a collaboration with the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris; and an example from Savoir Beds’ collaboration with Andrew Martin and The National Gallery – any painting in the gallery can now be transposed to a bed.

Fromental, Third Floor, Centre & South Domes
Phillip Jeffries, Second Floor, North Dome
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd, Second Floor, South Dome
Pierre Frey, First Floor, Design Centre East
Savoir Beds, First Floor, South Dome

Bring nature indoors with birdlife – feathers, eggs and all – and other native creatures. A soothing palette of duck egg, turquoise and soft grey brings calm, serenity and comfort.

From left to right: ‘Gesso’ vase with handles and ‘Gesso Seated Bird’, both Julian Chichester.Deco Monobloc’ lever basin mixer, silver, Perrin & Rowe. ‘Satin Nickel’ finial (F298), McKinney & Co. ‘Mini Orbit’ pendant light, Porta Romana. Solid/horizontal bands Perspex’ (GP12), ‘Solid Perspex’ (GP6) and ‘Solid Bubble Perspex’ (GP10) curtain poles, all McKinney & Co.  Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Greenhouse’ (143-138 894), Brian Yates. ‘Tempest’ (WTEM-183), Quercus & Co. at George Spencer Designs. ‘Estrella’, jade, Galbraith & Paul at Tissus D’Hélène. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Dune Hares’ (226436), Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Single Stripe’, Madder Cutch & Co and ‘Elsewhere’ (42180),  Madeaux, both at Tissus D’Hélène. Paints from left to right: ‘Horizon Grey’ and ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Frost’, Zoffany at Style Library; ‘Cosmic Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library; pencil tips; ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library, ‘Dufour’, Zoffany at Style Library and ‘Horizon Grey’, Sanderson at Style Library; scissors, paint brush, pencil stems and paint roller, ‘Architects White’, Zoffany at Style Library.

Left to right, top to bottom: ‘Reunion’ fabric (T9064|02), Weitzner at Altfield. ‘Fairfield’ wallcovering (AT79142) and ‘Davis Dot’ wallcovering (AT79163), both Anna French at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/06), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. ‘Square Perspex’ curtain ring (R17), McKinney & Co. ‘Sea Cliff Diamond’ carpet sample, (14340), Holland & Sherry. Carpet tufts: (ESR017-10732X(12), ‘Verdigris’ (ESR-15-7480(6) and ‘Peninsula’ (ESR-16-2895(8), all Tai Ping. ‘Hudson Striped’ border (BT-57677), Samuel & Sons. Paints: ‘Dufour’ and ‘Frost’, both Zoffany at Style Library, ‘High Sea’, Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Pine Cone’ fabric, Madder Cutch & Co at Tissus D’Hélène. ‘Lindos’ fabric (2233/04) No. 9 Thompson at Jim Thompson. ‘Vyne Silk’ fabric (31625/08), James Hare at Marvic Textiles