Design Direction

Look to opposite ends of the colour wheel for a scheme that’s harmonious yet invigorating. Dark orange, rich brown and layers of blue are cocooning and autumnal, with bold prints, textured leather and hair-on-hide bringing a feel of 70s sophistication.

Main image:

(KBVB D15) coffee table, MKV Design at Decca (Bolier). ‘Collage’ wall light, Porta Romana. (SO103) lounge chair, Summit Furniture.  ‘Sculpture Femme’ floor lamp, Charles of Paris at Rubelli/ Donghia. ‘Miti’ chair, Marc De Berny. (T79L) occasional table, Ghyczy at Chaplins. ‘Ching’ vase (PH504), Baker. ‘Icarus’ rug, Tim Page Carpets. Wallcoverings from left to right: ‘Cozy Day Dreamer’ (MR-CZ-5511-C), Maya Romanoff at Altfield. ‘Segments’ (11682), Harlequin at Style Library. ‘Tartan’ (Tar-01), Innovations and ‘Cozy Nestle’ (MR-CZ-2511-D), Maya Romanof, both Altfield. Fabrics from left to right: ‘Cuba’ (2736-14), Sahco. ‘Kali Chevron’ (33495.12), Kravet. Paint: ‘Como Blue’, ‘Koi’ and ‘Paris Grey’, all Zoffany at Style Library


Top to bottom: Mini blue leather tassel and ‘Sakiori’ embroidered border (BT-57662), both Samuel & Sons. ‘Cupboard’ pull handle, Espresso Design. ‘Onyx’ tie-back (33074 – 9740), Houlès. Paint: ‘Como Blue’ and ‘Koi’, both Zoffany and ‘Bonton’ (157), Sanderson, all at Style Library. ‘Big Woven’ leather (BGW223), Whistler Leather. ‘Royal Velvet’ fabric (30640-700), Thesign at Altfield. ‘Ikko’ fabric (132395), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Cuba’ fabric (2736-14), Sahco. ‘Hibiki’ fabric (132381), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Les Ondes De Jade’ (M164403), Misia at Colony. ‘Shift’ hide, Kyle Bunting at Edelman Leather.


What could be more calming than blue and white? The colours of sea and sky are as refreshing as they are timeless, given a modern kick with strong geometrics, textural depth and a glimmer of metallics.

Main image:

‘Kaloon’ club chair, Marc De Berny. ‘Luna’ console, Ceccotti Collezioni. ‘Chrysalis’ tile (12), Ann Sacks at West One Bathrooms. ‘Madrid Star’ tile, Artisan of Devizes. ‘Sea Urchin’, Oly Studio at Gladee Lighting. (KBVB D16) side table by MKV Design, Decca (Bolier). ‘Galatea’ wall sconce, Wired Custom Lighting. ‘Shoreditch’ pendant (CL0269.BZ), Vaughan. ‘Vetralla’ bath (VET-N-SW-NO) and ‘Tubo 15′ tap (TU-14-BN), both Victoria + Albert Baths. Rugs from front to back: ‘Butterfly Blue’ rug, Tufenkian Artisan Carpets and ‘Smoke’ rug by Thomas Griem, Jacaranda Carpet. Wallcoverings from left to right; ‘Esquisses’ (FP478), Pierre Frey, ‘Plisse Shibori’ (5510) and ‘Itajime Shibori’ (5590), both Brian Yates. Fabrics from left and right: ‘Pinnacle’ (5827-06), Brentano at Altfield. ‘Design 107’ (176902) and ‘Design 105’ (176870), both Schumacher at Turnell & Gigon. Paints: ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Bonton’ and ‘Airline Blue’, Sanderson and ‘Perfect White’, Zoffany, all at Style Library


Silver, small wood and metal handles, DLV New York at Holland & Sherry. ‘Small Crackled Square’’ finish, Black & Key. ‘Quartz Surfaces’ finish (5143), Espresso Design. ‘Manhattan Muse’ fabric (10312-12), Donghia at Rubelli/ Donghia. ‘Tweed II’ carpet, Wool Classics. Hide-on-hide, glacier, Kyle Bunting at Edelman Leather. ‘Ceramic M1 fabric (0755-04), Lelievre Paris. ‘Handira Cloth’ (4229), Philip Jeffries. ‘Verbier’ (VRB267), Whistler Leather. ‘Yangzi Ocean’ fabric (FRH73002), Pierre Frey. ‘Jazz’ fabric (10317-012), Donghia at Rubelli/ Donghia. Paints: ‘Airline Blue’ and Blue Moon’, both Sanderson at Style Library. ‘Drop’, Tapet Café at Tissus d’Hélène. ‘Riviera’ trim (32182, 9660), Houlès. Background: ‘Urban Twist’ (515), Kravet at GP & J Baker.

When times get tough, make the house a haven. Embrace irresistibly tactile textures to add depth and comfort; deep forest greens, teal and turquoise create a tranquil, nature-inspired mood.

Main image:

‘Pebble’ side table, copper, Birgit Israel. ‘YBU’ dining table, Christophe Delcourt at GMR Interiors. ‘Diamond’ table lamp (TL703) with 13” Tall Drum shade, Bella Figura. ‘Hutton’ club chair, Ensemble London at Fox Linton, upholstered in ‘Camargue’ (3643/04), Jim Thompson. ‘Elisse’ ceiling light, Nemo at Poliform. Wallcovering: ‘Chimera’ (CHI-02), Innovations at Altfield. Fabric drapes: ‘Karneol’ (84), Création Baumann and ‘Hibiki’ (132369), Anthology at Style Library. Fabric drape on chair: ‘Ikko’ (132388), Anthology at Style Library. Paint: ‘Cecil Green’ and ‘Poison’, both Zoffany at Style Library


Top to bottom: ‘Soubreny’ pull handle and white round knob, DLV New York at Holland & Sherry. Rectangular cupboard pad, Black & Key. ‘Paire Strobe’ and ‘Rexwood’ tiles, both Ann Sacks at West One Bathrooms. ‘Chimera’ fabric (CHI-02), Innovations at Altfield. ‘Cecil Green’ and ‘Portland Green’ paint, both Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Hide Park’ leather (3015/08), Jerry Pair Leather at Chase Erwin. ‘Balsan Fir’ leather (PLT222) and ‘Verbier’ leather (VRB265), both Whistler Leather. ‘Hibiki’ fabric (132369), Anthology at Style Library. (3657/02) fabric, Jim Thompson. ‘Pao’ fabric (7024 10 13), Casamance at Colony

Geometrics look particularly bold in shades of grey with shots of acid yellow and mustard. Three-dimensionality is key: textured weaves, hair-on-hide and illusory prints bring a visual complexity to a limited palette.

Main image:

‘Club’ floor lamp, Nina Campbell. ‘Barrique’ side table, Reflex at Chaplins. ‘Murani Dotty’ vase, Birgit Israel. ‘Adda’ sofa, grey, (Elton 1677) with cushions in (Ernest 342), (Elton 1677) and (Elisir 408) by Antonio Citterio, Flexform. ‘Double Circle’ wall light, Porta Romana. ‘Fayette’ dining armchair with seat cushion (2501A), McKinnon and Harris. ‘Two panel’ linear artwork, Birgit Israel. ‘City Reflection II’ rug by André Fu, Tai Ping. Wallcoverings from left: ‘Edie’ (9W410/05), Romo, ‘Gatsby’ (GAT002), Brian Yates and (OY33100), Brian Yates. Fabric drapes from left: ‘Vienna Velvet’ (VIE8), de Le Cuona, ‘Lazio’ (7809/01), Romo and ‘Rock Fall’ (ED85271.1), Threads at GP&J Baker


‘Livorno’ leather (LVR 233), Whistler Leather. ‘Caesarstone’ finish (5133), Espresso Design. ‘Heko’ braid (BT 57668-10SUN), Samuel & Sons. ‘Bond’ (30637/380), Thesign at Altfield. ‘Ceramic M1’ fabric (0755-12), Lelievre Paris. Hide-on-hide, citrus, Kyle Bunting at Edelman Leather. (3661/14) fabric, Jim Thompson. ‘Vienna Velvet’ fabric (VIE8), de Le Cuona. ‘Tiles’ fabric (10687.23), Nobilis. ‘Wicker Weave’ fabric (T-72822), Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Square Pillow’ cabinet handle (CP 3017), SA Baxter Architectural Hardware

Soothing blush pink and dusky lilac work surprisingly well as neutrals, grounding an interiors scheme, making metallics stand out and and acting as a foil for sultry blues and darker purple.

Main Image:

Table lamp (01), Magic Circus at Poliform. ‘Jewel’ drum table (BB3384), Barbara Barry Collection at Baker. ‘Egos’ lounge chair and ottoman upholstered in ‘Sun Bear’ (30028-017), Rubelli at Rubelli/Donghia. ‘Mythical Agra’ rug, Tim Page Carpets x J.D. Staron. Artwork: ‘Points of Contact No. 14’, 1969, by Victor Pasmore, Birgit Israel. ‘Contour’ console (3366), Barbara Barry Collection at Baker. ‘Flabello’ table mirrors, Gallotti&Radice. ‘Phenomena’ pendant light, Bomma at Poliform. ‘Ginkgo Biloba’ floor lamp, Charles Paris Lighting at Rubelli/ Donghia. Wallcoverings (front to back): ‘Tancho’ (TA004), Maison C at George Spencer Designs, ‘Echo’ (111680) Harlequin at Style Library, (10062) and (10056), Missoni at Brian Yates and ‘Geodesic’ (111698), Harlequin at Style Library. Fabric drapes (front to back): ‘Domino Pyramid’ (WK801/05), Kirby Design at Romo and ‘Cuba’ (2736-23), Sahco. Paint: ‘Faded Rose’ and ‘Double Quartz Grey’, both Zoffany at Style Library


Finishes, Black & Key. Wool tufts (36-80-10), (60-50-10) and (44-80-10), all Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Daphne’ fabric (0011), Création Baumann. ‘Zak’ fabric (10667.40), Nobilis. ‘Ikko’ fabric (132399), Anthology at Style Library. ‘Cobbles’ fabrics (COB3) and (COB1), both de Le Cuona. ‘Coco Shells’ wallcovering (RM 944 02), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. Paints: ‘Musk Pink’ and ‘Dust Pink’, both Zoffany at Style Library. ‘Lavender’ carpet, Wool Classics. ‘Coyolate’ fabric (ARF57), arctic, A Rum Fellow at George Spencer Designs. Background wallcovering: ‘Striato’ (W408/02), Romo



Ethnic prints, basketwork, tribal sketches and intricate beading mix ancient techniques and avant-garde ideas.

‘Raku’ ceramic, Birgit Israel. Fabrics in vitrine: ‘Kasbah’,  de Le Cuona. ‘Basket’ pendant ceiling light (CC016HT25), Nicholas Haslam Ltd. ‘Black Ceramic’ table lamp with black shade, Birgit Israel. ‘Vic’ table (11K70), Flexform. ‘Milena’ chair, upholstered in ‘Jazz’ fabric (FFCMIL70ST), Le Manach at Pierre Frey. Wool pom-pom samples, Tai Ping. ‘Crono’ armchair (22021), Flexform. Wallcovering on left hand wall: ‘Cap’ (11), Brian Yates. Wallcoverings in background: ‘Perles’ (VP91010 and VP91014), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. Fabric in large vitrine: ‘Bagatelle’ (31609/03), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric on back wall frame: ‘Argoun’ (F3162001), Pierre Frey. Fabric on right hand wall frame: ‘Javanese’, Robert Allen. Sheer fabric in hanging screen: ‘Tournay’, Beacon Hill. Paint on right hand wall: ‘Graphite’ (48), Sanderson

Geometrics reinvent themselves, again: this time, crisp black outlines and clean sculptural silhouettes are the shape of things to come.

Fold’ dining table (MR4537), Darryl Carter Collection for Milling Road at Baker. ‘Aztec’ candelabra, Francesco Della Femina at Passerini. ‘Rex’ chair (50002-52), Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia. ‘Diamond’ table lamp and shade, Best & Lloyd at Fromental. ‘Coppelia’ pendant, Moooi at Chaplins. ‘Cecily’ dining chair, J. Robert Scott. ‘Trebeca’ console, Simpsons. ‘Times Square’ table lamp (TL750), Bella Figura. Wallcovering: left hand and right hand wall, ‘Venezia’ (401), back wall and column, ‘Venezia’ (402), both Brian Yates. Fabric on left hand frame: ‘Domino’ (31612/12), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric in back of small vitrine: ‘Lao Lao’ (F3143001), Pierre Frey. Fabric in back of large vitrine: ‘Midpoint’ (K2123/4), Knoll Textiles at StudioTex. Sheer fabric in hanging panel: ‘Tri Out’, Pollack at Altfield. Fabric on right hand frame: ‘Zingaro’ (34253/11), GP & J Baker.