Design Direction

Ethnic prints, basketwork, tribal sketches and intricate beading mix ancient techniques and avant-garde ideas.

‘Raku’ ceramic, Birgit Israel. Fabrics in vitrine: ‘Kasbah’,  de Le Cuona. ‘Basket’ pendant ceiling light (CC016HT25), Nicholas Haslam Ltd. ‘Black Ceramic’ table lamp with black shade, Birgit Israel. ‘Vic’ table (11K70), Flexform. ‘Milena’ chair, upholstered in ‘Jazz’ fabric (FFCMIL70ST), Le Manach at Pierre Frey. Wool pom-pom samples, Tai Ping. ‘Crono’ armchair (22021), Flexform. Wallcovering on left hand wall: ‘Cap’ (11), Brian Yates. Wallcoverings in background: ‘Perles’ (VP91010 and VP91014), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. Fabric in large vitrine: ‘Bagatelle’ (31609/03), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric on back wall frame: ‘Argoun’ (F3162001), Pierre Frey. Fabric on right hand wall frame: ‘Javanese’, Robert Allen. Sheer fabric in hanging screen: ‘Tournay’, Beacon Hill. Paint on right hand wall: ‘Graphite’ (48), Sanderson

Geometrics reinvent themselves, again: this time, crisp black outlines and clean sculptural silhouettes are the shape of things to come.

Fold’ dining table (MR4537), Darryl Carter Collection for Milling Road at Baker. ‘Aztec’ candelabra, Francesco Della Femina at Passerini. ‘Rex’ chair (50002-52), Donghia at Rubelli/Donghia. ‘Diamond’ table lamp and shade, Best & Lloyd at Fromental. ‘Coppelia’ pendant, Moooi at Chaplins. ‘Cecily’ dining chair, J. Robert Scott. ‘Trebeca’ console, Simpsons. ‘Times Square’ table lamp (TL750), Bella Figura. Wallcovering: left hand and right hand wall, ‘Venezia’ (401), back wall and column, ‘Venezia’ (402), both Brian Yates. Fabric on left hand frame: ‘Domino’ (31612/12), James Hare at Marvic Textiles. Fabric in back of small vitrine: ‘Lao Lao’ (F3143001), Pierre Frey. Fabric in back of large vitrine: ‘Midpoint’ (K2123/4), Knoll Textiles at StudioTex. Sheer fabric in hanging panel: ‘Tri Out’, Pollack at Altfield. Fabric on right hand frame: ‘Zingaro’ (34253/11), GP & J Baker.

Become a design archaeologist. Uncover the romantic treasures of the past to create timeless and eclectic interiors.

‘Chloe’ drink table (CHLO-T) and ‘Dublin’ lounge chair (DUBO-CH), both Holly Hunt at Fox Linton. ‘Oto’ dining table, Gallotti&Radice. ‘Danish’ copper candlesticks, Birgit Israel. Fabric on table: ‘Faceted Silk’ (6094/05), Pollack at Altfield. ‘Felino’ vase, Armani/Casa. ‘Stayman’ candlesticks, Remains Lighting. Wallcovering on left hand wall: ‘Venus’ (T85070), Thibaut at Jacaranda Carpets. Wallcovering on back wall: ‘Breccia’ (BCA-01), Innovations at Altfield. Wallcovering on right hand wall: ‘London Map’, Iksel – Decorative Arts. Fabric on frame: ‘Jasper’ (S509/01), Sekers at Wemyss. Fabric hanging on back wall: ‘The Triumph of Minerva’, cervini, Zardi & Zardi at Watts of Westminster.

Furniture, lighting, textiles and wallcoverings that call to mind molecular models, radio waves, labware and a general air of experimentation: this is where science and design get put into the melting pot.

‘Grand Eaton’ chair, (50028), Donghia at Rubelli/ Donghia, upholstered in ‘Lisbon’ fabric (TC097863), Armani/Casa at Rubelli/ Donghia. White vases (PLFBRO1) and (PLFBRO2), Poliform. ‘Isola’ shelving system, Gallotti&Radice. Finials (F285), McKinney & Co. ‘Ribbon’ coffee table, J. Robert Scott. ‘Rodriguez’ pendant light, Wired Custom Lighting. ‘York’ pendant (DP8164_AN_BR), Davey Lighting at Original BTC. ‘Je Suis’ table lamp (1502-03-M1-E-X), Penta at Interdesign UK. Paint:  Left hand wall, ‘Graphite’ (48); back wall and right hand wall, ‘Mercury Lt’ (126), both Sanderson. Fabric on left hand frame: ‘Velours Medley’ (10678.03), Nobilis. Fabric in back of small vitrine: ‘Kaleido’ (9041/01), Romo. Fabric on hanging frame: ‘Elispe’ (M493/01), Romo. Fabric on right hand frame: ‘Solitarie’ (31613/05) James Hare at Marvic Textiles

Satisfy your appetite for subtle glamour. In homage to artist Gustav Klimt, gold brings a new jewel-like illumination.

‘Tree Of Life on Abaca’ hand painted panel, Sabina Fay Braxton at Alton-Brooke

‘Capiz’ wallpapers, Brian Yates
‘Facets’ table lamp, Black & Key

‘Intuition’ dining table, Koket (KO-Intuition) at Passerini

Selection of hardware, The Nanz Company

‘Bolla’ table light, smoky, Porada. ‘Walter’ table, Birgit Israel. Set of three hexagonal brass candle holders and brass candle holder, Gallotti&Radice. Wallcoverings from left: ‘Metalessence Cork’ (MC2), Innovations at Altfield and ‘Metallo’ (312609), Zoffany. Fabric in frame: ‘Swahili’ (M129 3 03), Misia at Colony. Paint on pillar: ‘Cobo Bay’, Konig Colours at Nina Campbell.

Make minimalism your mantra. Strong silhouettes reflect the assured confidence of the new collections.

decorus-montpellier-desk‘Montpellier’ desk, Decorus

‘Mondrian’ tables, Poliform

‘Simon’ standing lamp (RABH03T25), Nicholas Haslam Ltd

_DSC7133-Adjusted (Custom).jpg‘Nova Bulkhead’ wall light, Porta Romana. ‘Flux’ lounge chair, Link Outdoor at Fromental. ‘Lost Leaf’ vessel (BR-429), Altfield. ‘Fontana’ console in bronze finish and ‘Abstract VI’ artwork by Paolo Moschino, both at Nicholas Haslam Ltd. Wallcoverings on pillar: ‘Metallo’, fossil, Zoffany. Back wallcovering: ‘Facet’ (75304), Arte. Fabric in frame: ‘Kajal Velvet’ (T019810001), Aldeco at Stark Fabric. Wallcovering on right: ‘Cobra’ (CA13), Brian Yates.

Chromatic graphics offer the youthful optimism of 1960s Op Art.



‘Circle’ rug, Rug Star at Stark Carpet


‘Hespera 24’ chandelier (HL3000.24), Remains Lighting


‘Memos’ tables, Giorgetti


‘Oblique’ wallcovering (54080), Arte


From top: (39165) braid, Houlès ‘Parati’ (LW 710 80) fabric, Elitis at Abbott & Boyd. ‘Balin Ikat’ fabric (AF73020), black, Anna French at Jacaranda Carpets. ‘Aragon’ fabric (W01032/02), Jim Thompson at Fox Linton. ‘Penisule’ fabric (3550 01 34), Camengo at Colony. ‘Solstice’ tile, Kelly Wearstler Collection at Ann Sacks. Background: ‘Epure’ wallcovering (RM 666-04), Elitis at Abbott & Boyd


Bath and tap, Victoria + Albert Baths; table lamp, Best & Lloyd at Fromental; chair, David Seyfried Ltd, upholstered in fabric, Metaphores at Abbott & Boyd; artwork, Birgit Israel; side chairs; Decca (Bolier); Books, The Bookshop; vase, Armani/Casa; wallcovering, Altfield; paint, Zoffany